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iEARN Folk Tales Project from Pakistan

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iEARN Folk Tales Project from Pakistan- Society for International Education♫♪ iEARN Pakistan First I would like to say about Folk Tales. I feel that it was interesting. And I appreciate iEARN Pakistan. First I would like to say Folk Tales project is very successful. People from around the world are telling their stories about their region, their culture. So I think the Folk Tales project is a way that we can interact and connect people internationally while you can't do that physically. It can be done through the Internet I want to add that we are communicating with other people and we share our ideas. We also come to know what are their thoughts. And I think this is a certain power we get. We get confidence by talking and we can come to know about their cultures and some of these projects are also very removed from us. ♪♫ I feel that I, we are learning from a few people because they are having some other ideas and we are having some other thoughts. So, by combining two ideas and two thoughts so I think everyone is learning from this type of research project. It helps me understand how they're thinking, their thoughts about ideas and their point of view about the world. What they think of the world. It gives me a chance to share my ideas with other ideas, my feelings with other people. And I also get some feelings of other people from a folk tale. So I know how my efforts work. We learn their cultures. We learn what happens. We learn how they get together. The morals are simpler like loving each other and being trustworthy and etc. The beauty of this iEARN... you don't know who is watching, who is watching your folk tale so you give your best efforts. The world stories and sharing and finding a commonality from different cultures. I think that's what makes it exciting. And if they continue this way and keep on making improvements I believe we can go on like this. And also I edited the first publication of Folk Tales around the World and this is the copy of the Folk Tales publication which was published. And yes it was a big success from the first folding and from the school and each one around the world. It has all different kinds of folktales involved in it. I think the most exciting part for the students basically is that when they post a story and they receive feedback on it. They love that! They post a story, they write On page 4 there is a picture of this kid. He is only 6 years old. An elementary student in Russia. What he did was write his own folk tale. His teacher translated into English and then she sent me an e-mail along with his picture.

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Duration: 3 minutes and 38 seconds
Country: Pakistan
Language: English
Producer: iearn Pakistan
Director: Saleem Ibriham
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Posted by: dmidness on Mar 4, 2010

iEARN Pakistan students talk about their experience in the Folk Tales Project

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