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Huyền Lê - My Khanh, Vietnam (Global Lives Project, 2013) ~13:00:00 - 13:29:59

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[Inaudible - Background noise] Yes. He went to the army, but later... I gave a hammock...bring the hammock out to sleep [Inaudible - Background noise] Want me to drive it for you? What is it? It's nothing. You drive it increases...[inaudible]. You drove it so freaking bad. Not sure if today there will be... [Inaudible - Background noise] Today right? [Inaudible] It is the same thing every day? [Inaudible - Background noise] Not yet married, but she we're, what else, a married couple. Not yet married, but she follows closely like we're, what else, a married couple. Right? Is the madam at home or something? Turn here, turn here. [Inaudible - Background noise] [Inaudible - Background noise] [Inaudible - Background noise] How so? Drive it toward our side. Don't mind them—in the back... Don't mind them...As long as we drive it. What? How can they drive when you're driving in the middle? [Inaudible - Background noise] [Inaudible - Background noise] [Inaudible - Background noise] Drive near the inside? — Drive on the outside. — Out here? — Drive outside, woman. — The water here is not shallow. Drive outside [inaudible] what if it's muddy water? — [inaudible] — Yes. I only told you to drive outside. Get outside and let them turn in. [Inaudible - Background noise] [Inaudible - Background noise] So happy turn right here [inaudible]. We didn't see him when we're walking outside. [Inaudible - Background noise] So? [Inaudible - Background noise] Because the place...we get off here and walk in near 100m then we will already arrive at [inaudible]. [Inaudible - Background noise] Let them ask for directions to get there. [Inaudible - Background noise] [Inaudible - Background noise] — Where is it? — [inaudible] — Where is it? — [inaudible] — What's wrong? — [inaudible] — They're brothers? — So? [Inaudible - Background noise] Hey, listen. [Inaudible - Background noise] [Inaudible - Background noise] — This fat lady [inaudible]. — [inaudible] — Right now the fat lady is unlikely [inaudible]. — [inaudible] — What? — [inaudible] [Inaudible - Background noise] [Inaudible - Background noise] If she makes a fuss then no one can calm her... — You, who else [inaudible]. — [inaudible] [Inaudible - Background noise] — Tomorrow we pump...this morning we pump [inaudible]. — [inaudible] — That one haven't been pumped, haven't pump [inaudible]. — [inaudible] — You haven't pumped this morning? — [inaudible] [Inaudible - Background noise] What? What? [Inaudible - Background noise] [Inaudible - Background noise] Almost here. Then ask where have they gone? — What? [inaudible] — Arrived yet? — Already arrived. — How do you know where to arrive? — [inaudible] Geeze, you also gave directions [laughed]... Good huh? You dare to drive through this ferry dock? [inaudible] Brave huh? Anyone really hungry? We're already here? [Inaudible - Background noise] We're here. — Why don't we go to the house now? — We can't turn in right now. [Inaudible - Background noise] [Inaudible - Background noise] — Don't know how to drive? — [inaudible] — What? — [inaudible] Tie it under [inaudible]. — Yes. — Bring it in also? No, no you tied it enough...OK attach it. [Inaudible - Background noise] Hey sis. [Inaudible - Background noise] You will go back? If, there's anything I'll call you back. — When we go later...later just inside. — Go inside right? Let me sis...Yesterday this is reads like there is a family right? Because he and I are like husband and wife... Because yesterday [inaudible] one would agree at all [inaudible]... [Inaudible - Background noise] — Turn down [inaudible]. OK? — OK, OK...I'm already reminded, woman. — Let's go. Always interrupting. [Inaudible - Background noise] Why haven't you come up? Come on, you go go first. Run...Run and see it. [Inaudible - Background noise] What is it that's being filmed so much? — They're filming the boat...filming... — Filming the boat! — [inaudible] Please give me your autograph! Later when we see Huyen and call Huyen...oh no Huyen...oh no Huyen. Oh no, Huyen! Oh no, Huyen! [Inaudible - Background noise] — Oh no, Huyen! Oh no, Huyen! — [inaudible] Dad, you're going out? — What did you do today? — I just arrived, just arrived. Tien! Watch it for [inaudible].

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Duration: 30 minutes and 1 second
Country: Andorra
Language: Vietnamese
Genre: None
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Posted by: globallives on Feb 1, 2016

Lê Huyền is a young woman who lives and works on her family's sand barge on the Mekong River Delta near Mỹ Khánh village,Vietnam. This film is part of the Global Lives Project, documenting 24-hours in the lives of people around the world.

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