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El budismo

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Buddhism does not show a special concern on the existence of a particular God nor for justifying the world we live in its only interest is based in eliminating human suffering a goal that cannot be attained through faith or through divine intervention but as a result of the ultimate understanding of the way things really are and to accomplish this, Siddharta proposes the Middle Way far from the extreme asceticism as well as from the mundane pleasures once he reached Nirvana now as a Buddha he felt compelled to explain to his Indian contemporaries the reasons to follow his path as well as the essence of the path The Four Noble Truths of The Dharma that exist in their own right first life is suffering but not as a result of the original sin and the expulsion from The Garden of Eden but because of the world´s own circumstances and the result of human actions there are also enjoyment and happiness but they are only transitory second attachment and desire lead inevitably to suffering you will have a good time but if you let yourself go, if you step out from The Middle Way you will inevitably end in the valley of tears because in reality everything is ephemeral third it is possible to stop suffering if you neutralize and expel desires you will stop suffering the less we desire, the less we suffer the more we desire, the more unsatisfied we will be by eliminating all of your ego you will reach Nirvana and fourth to follow The Middle Way, The Noble Eightfold Path to avoid all extremes to show compassion and love for the world to have an ethical behavior to practice meditation and to try to keep at a certain distance from reality as well as to understand its true nature this is: to seek wisdom to get rid of the ego means to avoid ¨I¨and ¨mine¨ to reduce the instinct for self-protection to renounce possessions, and even more, at the end to life itself

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