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2016 1 20 Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI MOD4 4d

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Once you've built a dashboard with tiles from reports and Q&A, you can do some customizing of the tiles. To do this, hover over the tile and click the ellipses. There will be a pencil icon that lets you edit the tile details. Here you can do things like editing the tile, the tile's title, and also the subtitle. You can also do things such as displaying the last refresh time as part of the tile's subtitle. Additionally, you can make a tile point to a website instead of the report. To do this, you select set custom link, and add any kind of HHTP or HTTPS URL. In this case, I'll make this logo point to the Power BI home page. You can also choose here to either have it open in the same tab or different tab. So hit apply. And when I click on the tile, you'll see the Power BI home page pop up in a new tab. We've seen a lot of users use this method to use a dashboard as a home page, which then can point to a bunch of different assets. You can also do things to customize your dashboard such as add widgets. A widget is a special tile that instead of pointing to one of your Power BI assets can point to other things, such as images on the web, a video on YouTube, or a rich content from the web using an embed code. In our case I'm going to add a text box. Once you click add, the tile is created. And you see a lot of the same things that you see on a normal tile, such as the title and subtitle. But you also see the content. So this is a text box. I see a rich text editor. So then I can type out the message, such as, "Our revenue was high March through June." Once I've typed out the message, I can do things like make it bold, center it, change the font, and also the font size. And when I'm all done I hit apply. Now this acts just like any other tile. I can resize it and also drag it around. Using widgets and the tile's details, you can create any kind of dashboard you want customizing it however you see fit for your company.

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Posted by: csintl on Feb 9, 2016

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