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Cambodia has the population of about 16 million. Currently, there are still 80% of the people living in the rural area. We observe that there are a lot attention and development to improve the living standard in urban area However, there is little attention on improving the living conditions of the people living in the rural area. My mane is Pach Noeun, 62 years old. After coming back from the market, in the morning I plug seedlings and afternoon I do ploughing. My house is 10 years now, I am disappointed with the insect eating my wood. If I can save enough money in the future, I will change this wood. Everytime there is strong wind and rain, I am very very scared. In my village, there were a few homes similar to mine collapsed during strong wind. When I travel to the countryside, I see people living in harsh condition. It makes me very determined to help improve the condition of living for the people. We hope that we can supply at least 100,000 Mekong Homes in the next 10 years. Our team is comprised of architects, designers, engineers, home builders, and manufactures. Some of our colleuges including myself used to live in the countryside. We think that we have some knowledge about living conditions in the countryside, but not sufficient. We have engaged researchers to conduct ground study for real. The results from the research shows that the actual living condition is more difficult than we previously thought. We focus on the architecture of the homes, we don't want it to be too different from others. We want the homes to blend well with the beauty of the countryside. And focus on the main functions of the homes including bedrooms, toilet, kitchen, and columns above ground to avoid flood water. We focus on materials that we have on hand and materials that are readily available in the local market. Our Mekong Homes project has a big dream, to build a high quality home for everyone everywhere. Therefore, we will manufacture more complicated prefab compounents in the factories. And for simple compounents that can be made locally, we will work with local enterprises to supply those compounents. We think that local enterprises play vital role in helping to make the project successful. Our idea is to use only four to five people to erect the home in two to three weeks only. I walk around to see all four homes. I like them at the first instant. Out of the four homes, I like the home at the ground because I can not clam up the stair as I get older. I want this home for the future of my daughter. This home is perfect for her small family. When I build this home in my village, people will see my home very strong and pretty. Everyone will want it too, especially for poor people they need enduranable home. In order for this Mekong Homes to be truly affordable, It requires banking institutions including banks and micro finances to help provide loans with low interest rate. For us, we believe that good homes has positive impact on the people living inside. We hope that Mekong Homes will provide happiness for rural families. In the future, we not only want to build quality homes with good sinitation for the people, We hope that Mekong Homes Porject will embed itself with the way of lives of the people living in the rural area for long term.

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