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In Soviet Russia...

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-What's happenin', forum? You know when you're out camping like this guy, it's a good time right? That is until a reindeer comes along and steals your wife. (woman screams) And hide yo' kids and hide yo' husbands 'cause they rapin' everybody around here. Will someone please explain to me how this happens? How does PedoDeer over here come out of nowhere and system-jack your wife? And is it just me or is that guy Uncle Eddie from National Lampoon's? You know, I couldn't find a copy of this video with a lot of views, so I wouldn't consider it viral. And it's got this FunkMaster mark on it over here, which I'm gonna assume is the reindeer's pimp name, 'cause he is just sweeping the ladies off their feet, ain't he? So, you know how rednecks play horseshoes? Well, I guess computer nerds have a similar pastime where they toss keyboards. -(yells) (man speaking foreign language) -Yeah, that last guy wins. And someone told me that they're speaking Russian here. Yeah, you know, I don't really speak Russian but I'm gonna safely assume that what he said translates to "Vodka. Vodka. Boris Yeltsin." No, I don't really know what he said. Probably the Russian equivalent of "Oh, f--k!" Now, there are a bunch of copies of this video on YouTube, but collectively it got like 200,000 views. It was also featured in Attack of the Show, which is pretty cool. But I still can't figure it out, is this a keyboard-tossing contest? Is it a reenactment of Office Space? Or is this some kind of Russian tech support? -There, that should fix your keyboard, you jerk! -Yeah, well, that method is still better than some of the bulls--t tech support we get around here, I'm just sayin'. All right, so this last video was sent to me and it got like half a million views in a few days. All right, notice how they're doing like a piggyback thing here. -(whistles) -(screaming) (man speaking foreign language) -Dear Jesus, I want one of those! So the girl who sent this to me told me that those guys are speaking Russian too? Man, why do Russians get to have all the fun? And if you'll notice, the girl who was launched, she looks like she was into it at first, but about halfway through, she's all like, "Oh, hell no! Vokda. Vodka. Boris Yeltsin!" Now, one of my friends told me that this is how Russians launch satellites into space. That's probably not true, is it? Now, let me be clear about this, I love Russians. I'm not dissin' the guys. In fact, I wanna have fun just like them. I wanna toss keyboards and women. You know, only Russians could make two dudes teaming up to jump on a blob look so much fun. Two dudes teaming up to jump on a blob? Sounds like Perez Hilton's sex life. Hey-yo! No but, seriously. I'm gonna warn these two guys here. Be careful grabbing each other from behind like that. 'Cause you might give PedoDeer here the wrong idea. I'm just sayin'. But you know what else is the wrong idea? The comment question of the day which comes from a user named, bam!, and he said... -If butterflies fall in love, what do they feel in their stomachs? -So, when butterflies fall in love, what do they feel in their stomachs? Leave your interesting or creative responses in the comments section below. But thanks for watching another episode of =3. I'm Ray William Johnson and I approve this message. So tell me, you bastards, what's that smell? (Stalkin' Your Mom by Wax playing) Captioned by SpongeSebastian

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Posted by: spongesebastian on Aug 8, 2010

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