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Competent to Minister

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This past Sunday, the pastor who was preaching to us, mentioned how God makes everyone different, and how we're able to use the things that God has given us, or the stories that God has given us, to do his work, or to be "on mission" here on earth. What I want to do, is I just want to share with you guys an encouraging story about myself, and about how God took someone who was probably very unlikely, to be in ministry, to do ministry. When I was in high school, I kinda hung in the party scene, and got myself in quite a bit of trouble. I think I graduated high school with a tremendous grade point average of about 1.2. And then found myself unable to keep my grades up enough to stay in the community college. So I opened up my own painting business, was going around, making some money, doing some things, but then something happened. The Lord radically invaded my life, he saved me, he changed me. And he said you're gonna, you're gonna follow me. Not only that, but you're gonna preach. And I'm thinking, oh great. Here's a guy who could barely pass high school, who had been in some trouble, and God wants me to preach. Around this time, I was also engaged to be married, and I told my fiancee at the time that God called me to preach, and she told me, well, you gotta do it then. So I knew I wouldn't be able to get into any Bible colleges so I started by going to a Bible institute, then ended up transferring through. I was working really hard, and trying to do my best, and one day, when I was at Bible school, two guys from a seminary came.. They asked me about my testimony, and they were trying to recruit me into their seminary, and I told them, "Well, I think God's called me to preach". Then I shared my testimony with them, and afterwards, they just looked at me, one of them said, "Do you really think you could be a preacher, with a testimony like that? He had looked at my past, and said there's no way this guy could be in the ministry. But the funny thing is, is that, the past that those guys where ashamed for me, on behalf of me for - is the thing that God wanted to use. I can't tell you how many times God takes my past, the thing that he saved me from, and has used that to help do evangelism, or do other sorts of ministry, with people who are hurting, or who are in need. So the fact of the matter is, that whatever you are, whatever skills you have, or wherever you're from, God wants to use that thing Whether you were like me, and had been in some trouble, and barely could make it through school, or whether you're addicted to NASCAR - whatever it is, God wants to take that, he wants to use it for his glory. He want to use it for his purposes. The question is this: Are you willing to give yourself, who you are and who you were, for Christ, for him to use. My encouragement is this. Whenever I go back to my hometown, Muskegon, and people ask me "What are you doing?" and I say "Well, I'm a pastor", they laugh, and then they go, "No, really, what are you doing?" I tell them, "I'm a pastor". It's just kind of shocking. So much so, that when my wife worked in Muskegon one time, she had to bring a yearbook in to actually show people, this is really the guy. It's not a different Aaron Boulduc. So, no matter who you are, God can use you. He wants to use you, if you're willing to give him your life.

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Mar 26, 2011

Aaron Baldouc 2011.03.24

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