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Muttu Kumar - Hampi, India - Kannada (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~05:58:05 - 06:14:06

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Huh? Now it's past six...six ten. Muttu:It's still dark. It's alright. We will be there at the right time. Satya: What is the right time? Muttu: The right time is around 6:30-6:45. Everybody is still sleeping. Nobody has woken up. Satya: In one hour they will? Muttu: I think at 6:30 or 7 o'clock, they will rush up. Today is Saturday. All the children they run school back,early morning. Satya: Anything special happening now? Muttu: Certainly nothing is special right now. But as soon as next is going to be special. From here to the next village is 4 kilometers far.This month, at 10 they make festival. The Kali festival. Next day till 11 is kali festival Afterward, they celebrate Holi. Many people celebrate Holi. Do you? Satya: In Hampie also? Muttu: Yes in Hampie,everywhere in India..Holi festival. You also going to be? Satya: Yeah yeah! When is the date? 11th of this month. Satya: 11th? Yes! I will be! Muttu: You'll be here? Many people use eggs on top. It smells bad. Looks like its part of a house. All the stars have gone. Only one star is there. They're washing their rickshaw. They're preparing for a good day, a lucky day. So how long does it take to go up there? It takes around ten to twenty minutes. From there we'll be able to see the sunrise. Afterward, we'll have to go behind the hill. Big family. Shops, khali book shops Yeah, 1..2..3. Man: Hey, you going for boating? Muttu:Boating brother? No... not boating we're going to watch the sunrise. Man:so your not going for the boating? Muttu : No no we're not going for the boating. If we plan on going boating it'll be later.I don't know. I will let you know. There is no garuntee. Man:Will you be over there? Muttu: We will be over here. Yeah yeah The goats have woken up. There's a small one here. For how long are you going to stay at Hampi? Are you going to fly back to Paris? Yes. Your hobby is photography? Yeah. 'Cause I've seen you many times with a bike and a camera like this. That's why I asked. Yeah, I need to take a lot of beautiful pictures. Yeah, there's a nice view from here. It's very beautiful here. It's very quiet at this time, unlike last year. Last year was horrible. They say "challo" or "I don't like this!". The Hebrews have a different accent. They work in the army. That's why they come from the army side. They think like they're still in the army. In the beginning, there were a lot of Russians in India. Soon there are going to be a lot more Russians here. Now because of the river, there are many Russians. There's a policeman washing his face early in the morning Tourists. They're going to see the sunrise also. Now it is the season, so there are a maximum of 10 people per day, going to see the sunrise in the morning. Yeah 725 metres. From the temple until here it's 725 metres. In the market it was like this exactly, before the 15th century. But now, in half of the market there are houses with people living in them...poor people. That's why you can't see the market very well. You can see the end of the market. A dog's being noisy. Here we go. Start climbing. But you can't count when you're climbing, sometimes. The stairs seem the same, you may lose your footing. OK. Here we go. The stairs are very old, a bit slippery. In the daytime there will be good light, you could take a good picture here. Because in between the gap you can get a front view of that temple and village. Muttu: are you going there pa? If you go inside a little more it will come Call them and come People have now made the road clean to walk on. Last year it was not clean. Last year everyday I went to sell postcards. But not this year. I sell once a week now. Because Wednesday, in temple, there is a group coming from Minar Co., they're Russian people.. I go to sell postcards over there. It's actually winter-time now but it's a hot winter here. Hot winter. Yeah, good exercise: climbing. With big people, it's good for them. When they climb they get slim. Now it looks nice, the view...all these mountains. This is the Jain Ashram. A lot of people from come from Mumbai to the village. They stay here for a month, and then go back. They come to pray inside this building.

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Duration: 16 minutes
Country: India
Language: English
Producer: Srikumar Venkatraman
Director: Rahul V. Chittella
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Posted by: globallivesindia on May 29, 2009

Muttu is taking Satya to the top of the hill to show him the sunrise point. He also narrates a few historic stories of Hampi, during this walk.

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