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Hey, my name is Harrison. And, I'm going to show you how to make a very simple electromagnet. Okay. So, these are the materials we'll be needing. You can get all of these at *a hardware store*. You'll need 50 feet of 18 gauge copper speaker wire. And, this comes in two strands. You can see here on the picture. You'll need a razor blade. You'll need a 5 inch by 1/2 inch iron bolt which will act as your core. This must be attracted to a magnet, otherwise it won't make a very good electromagnet. You can test this by simply getting a permanent magnet, and, seeing if it's attracted to this. And, finally, we'll need some electrical tape. Okay. So, your procedures are fairly simple. Just take your iron rod, and, lay it out like that. Next, you'll take your copper wire like this. And, you're going to split them down the ends, because, they come in twos and you only want them by themselves. So, you take your razor blade. You split down the middle about an inch. And, then take each by the ends, and you just pull off 50 feet apart. Pretty Simple. Once you have a length of 50 feet copper wire, like I've already done, like I showed you, you take the end, and you strip it with your razor. Just, you know, like that. And, then you take 5 inches or so, and you put that on the head. Then you wrap it around and secure that there. Once you've done that secured it, so you can pull on it, it's pretty tight, you just wrap around and until you get to the end. It's lot easier if it's threaded all the way. This obviously isn't. You can also get that at *a hardware shop*. And, once you get the end, you go back over what you've done, and you keep going until you've used up all the wire except 5 inches which is going to be your other end, which you'll connect to the battery. And, then you strip that end, and, then... Let's just say this is the end here. You're going to twist... You're going to bring that back to the same end you started with this one. You can twist them. Just, you know, two times or so. And, then you're going to tape them with electrical tape to the head here, so that they stay in place. Okay. Well, this is the finished product. It's got all the copper on around this rod. And, I'm going to test it. See if it works! So, here, I have a lawn mower battery. I'm not sure how many Amps and Volts it is, but, I think it's 12 Volts and something like 5 Amps. May be, probably less than that. I was just giving it, you know, that more credit than it's worth. Great. And, when I connect this basically what's going on is when electricity flows through a wire, it creates small magnetic field. When you wrap a lot of wire around an iron rod, it amplifies that field a lot more than it originally would just by itself. And, so, when I connect this up, this which is my razor should stick to this end here. So, here it goes. Okay. There we go. It stuck. I'll try that again. Yes. Let's see if I can get it stick better. Here we go. And, stuff like this is generally... it's mostly used in a... junkyards to pick up cars and stuff like that, because, you can control the magnetic field just by the flow of electrons. And, so it's much better than a permanent magnet which is going to have problems getting stuff to disconnect from if that's a really strong magnetic... field. And, it's also used a bit in circuit boards, and small stuff like that, like in... older TVs, it's not Plasma Screen TVs, but, certainly older ones like in Cathode Ray Tubes, stuff like that. And, then I'll just do it one more time. All right! Okay, that's it for this design. If you like that go ahead and rate, and subscribe. That was more of a beginner's... electromagnet. And, I'll be making much more efficient designs, hopefully soon. That instead of using the Insulator around the copper wiring, I'll have copper wiring that is a bigger gauge, and probably coded, so that I can have a lot more a bit on the Iron core. So, that's it.

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