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Video blog Zeus last day bootcamp subs soon

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Hi everyone Danya Zeus here Today is August 17th, last day of our bootcamp Tomorrow we're leaving for the most important event of the summer You guys probably know about the major 250 000$ on the line Plus other stuff And all the top teams on this tournament Everyone is practicing hard It's pretty crazy, so I want to tell you everything about it Our bootcamp was 10 days in length, with one day for the photoshoot Other than that the grind was fucking real We played 3 games against NiP today And two maps vs TSM Versus NiP we took 5-7 rounds on each map They seriously fucked us Versus TSM the situation was completely opposite After playing the game all the time we had some outrages Sometimes I go to the gym to cool off We have a meeting at 3 PM to discuss what we've already done and what are our plans Every individual should say what they have done, practiced grenades, aim etc And then we play until the night every day There is also a dinner brake for just one hour at 9 pm This schedule is tough, we are super tired The practice race is real Everyone wants to gain form Everyone wants to create new tactics, gain individual skill Yes we have a lot of prepared things, but right now I've noticed that individual skill is getting ahead I'd say 70% of the top6 team players spend their nights practicing They stream at night, and we also do the same NiP gained an insane form in their break They are extremely strong right now, sorry for those who picked TSM Be very careful with your bets, because so far, online, NiP are beasting They are winning vs Fnatic convincingly, against us, TSM, and all the top teams overall So yeah guys They have gained a very good individual form, f0rest even on stream is looking very strong Get_Right, friberg are all firing on their full potential They have very high hopes for this tourney Pronax said in his interview, that in top4 he expects us, tsm virtus pro and them This is how he sees it I can say surely, it's either NiP became onliners, or they are top4 at least I honestly think they will place top4, they won a lot of tournaments They were the best once, they can do it again That was some damn fine advertising for NiP About us We had some outrage, we're all tired, but all in all our bootcamp was productive Every day we worked on new tactics, grenades, aim I am happy You can hear doors being slammed Someones butthurt again We're alright guys We are going in with a fighting mood We want to get some time off We will have a photoshoot for ESL and some little shit, so before 20th we're having time off, from each other too That's how it is for now It's this tournament where you train all year for it And here it is This is our little International Everyone is so ready, brazil boys are playing all day every day Everyones bootcamping Excuse me I wish you a good tournament, good bet winnings What else Stay with us, cheer for us, believe in us We will prepare morally for it I have no idea how it will og We have a new group stage system Everyone passes group stage, but only the team to win two matches in a row goes straight to play-offs So we basically need to win both Titan and Fnatic If a team loses the groups will be redrawn There will be an all new group of teams who lost in the first day And only one team from that group proceeds For us we need to win Titan and Fnatic most likely Everything is alright Do not forget about the new player signatures, stickers We have a little % from this So yeah, you guys can support us ;) It would be super That's all I wanted to say Don't forget to play on our site Here's how it looks on the last day We're all doing individual stuff Everyone practicing except me and flamie So ye, that's our room 10 days we stayed here like rats Bye everyone, thanks for watching, I will do a huge vlog from Cologne JUST FOR YOU <3

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Posted by: iamfish007 on Aug 17, 2015

Video blog Zeus last day bootcamp subs soon

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