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2796 Locating the exact position of your lump

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On the morning of surgery, we need to clearly identify the precise location of your lump. Depending on the size of the lump we may use a marker pen, or if you have a very small lump, or a lump that is very deep in the breast, making it difficult to feel, a small wire will be inserted into the cancer to direct your surgeon during the operation. Depending on the best way to see the lump, we will either use an ultrasound machine or mammogram machine to mark the position of the lump. In the ultrasound room you will lie down on the coach and the doctor will locate the lump. In some instances we will just be able to make a mark on the skin. More usually we will need to use a small wire. The Doctor will then use a local anaesthetic injection to numb the area and use the ultrasound machine to guide the wire into position. If we use the mammogram machine, you will be either seated or lying flat on the couch. Having obtained the necessary images, the doctor will place a fine wire in your breast after it has been numbed with a local anaesthetic. We will then do further mammograms to check that the markings or the wire are in the right place and then apply a secure dressing to hold the wire in place. Having the wire fitted is painless after the local anaesthetic has been used but as with any procedure there are some risks involved which the doctor will explain to you. If you have any questions please ask. The wire is designed to stay in place but you must not remove or disturb the dressings that have been put on as this can cause the wire to move. Now that we have clearly identified the position of your lump, you are ready to go to surgery so that the lump can be removed and sent for analysis. The results from the tissue sent to the pathology department are usually available about a week after your operation and an appointment will be arranged you to discuss the findings.

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2796 Locating the exact position of your lump

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