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Quantitave Easing Explained

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You heard what the Fed does? THIS IS AUTOMATIC TRANSLATION TO ENGLISH IF YOU WISH TO CORRECT IT CONTACT [email protected] No, what makes the Fed? Announced another round of quantitative easing. What does this mean? This means that made a huge purchase of assets through open market operations. What does this mean? This means that in addition to your account and buy government bills. What does this mean? This means that a lot of new money printed. So why is it called quantitative easing, rather than simply printing money? Since printing money is the last refuge of failed economic empires and Banana Republics and the Fed does not want to admit that this is their only solution. And hence why they want to print money? Because they say we have deflation and it is very bad. What is deflation? Deflation is when prices of things that we purchase, are falling. Is not it good? This does not mean that people can buy more stuff? Yes, but the Fed says it's bad, and especially during a recession. So according to them during a recession, when people have less money for shopping is bad, that prices are falling? Yes, the Fed would prefer to see inflation. And why the Fed thinks that we have deflation? Because the government says price index. But food prices are not higher than a year ago? Yes. It is the price of gasoline is higher than a year ago? Yes. There are health care costs are higher than a year ago? Yes. No school fees are higher than a year ago? Yes. No taxes are higher than a year ago? Yes. There is a metro ticket more expensive than before? Yes. Stock prices are not higher than a year ago? Yes. Bond prices are not higher than a year ago? So what now declining? The only thing I see that it has declined, the central bank's credibility. And they had great credibility? No. Why not? Because it always wrong view of economic development over the past 20 years. You have that in mind, that saw shares bubbles interntových companies? No, in fact, it helped inflate. A saw a real estate bubble? No, in fact, was due to their assistance. And seeing the crisis coming with the subprime mortgages? No, they told us that it was under control just before the crisis occurred and Lehman went bankrupt. Is it something about what the Fed was right? I'll try to have something to remember. No, nothing. Who runs the Fed? Governed by Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke. Ben Bernanke has vast experience in business environment? No, Bernanke has no business experience. Bernanke has a lot of experience with policy making? No, Bernanke has no experience in politics. Bernanke ran sometimes in some elections? No, never neuchádzal elections. What qualifications is therefore the management of the Central Bank? I do not know, maybe that has a nice beard. My plumber also has a nice beard but I would not trust him so much that I let him play God with the economy. No, although if you call a plumber to repair something that is broken mostly to fix it, not even more spoiled. If this is true, so the installer is much smarter than Bernanke. Therefore became the installer and not an economist. How the Fed made quantitative easing? Print money and then buy government bonds. Buy government bonds from the government? No, buying government bonds from Goldman Sachs. This will make you laugh. So get this straight. If you want your money to buy government bonds I can buy them directly from the government. And if you want to buy government bonds for their money You can buy them from the government. But if Bernanke wants to buy bonds, money for Americans not buy them from government but from Goldman Sachs? Exactly. A Goldman Sachs gives him a good price? Of course not, they are Goldman Sachs earn that rob Americans. But as Goldman Sachs thing possible? Fed announces in advance what and when to buy it before carry trade. So, Goldman Sachs can outrun Fed and then they sell government bonds at the worst possible price? Yes, exactly. And the Fed does not prevent such a blatant theft of American citizens? Of course, otherwise the Fed buy bonds directly from the government. Who is the Fede responsible for the purchase of government bonds? Buying bonds carried New York City branch of the Fed. If the person who manages New York City branch? It is managed by William Dudley. And what did W. Dudley before he managed the New York Fed? Before Dudley was a partner at Goldman Sachs. So a person who is responsible money Americans that deals with Goldman Sachs, was once a partner in Goldman Sahcs? Yes. And nobody has a problem with that? Apparently not. This is perhaps the episode from the Twilight Movie? I do not think so. Are you sure? Pretty sure. So you're saying that the Fed thinks that prices are falling when in fact they grow? Yes. And according to them, during a recession with high unemployment is better when the things that people need to buy, cost more? Correctly, according to Bernanke, inflation, create jobs and improve the housing market. Have anyone ever tried it? Yes, just last year he tried Fed quantitative easing to 2 000 000 000 000 dollars. To create jobs? No. It helped the housing market? Absolutely not. It helped anyone at all? Yes, to help Goldman Sachs. How much money will go to print now? 600 billion U.S. dollars. So even though the first two trillion U.S. dollars not create jobs or did not improve the housing market The Fed has opted for another 600 billion? Yes. Bernanke who chose to lead? Bernanke's first appointed by President Bush and then re-appointed by President Obama. Obama did not make a difference? Yes. What is the change to install the same stupid line, which is in everything wrong? During President Bush's Bernanke only destroyed the American economy while Obama is working to destroy the global economy. That does not sound like change, you promised. Certainly not. Who else supports Bernanke? Most economists around the world think that quantitative easing is very dangerous. Is there anyone who thinks it's a good idea? Yes, people from Goldman Sachs. Is this some nightmare? No, this is very real. It all makes me want to hit her head against the wall. It would not do. Why not? Because health care is too expensive. Obama did not correct it? No, but it is the next video. Goodbye. THIS IS AUTOMATIC TRANSLATION TO ENGLISH IF YOU WISH TO CORRECT IT CONTACT [email protected]

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