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Charlie Puth Artist Stories Interview 2016 Part 1

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I remeber the first time that i sang in front of the people i was so so nervous, my herat was beating for like two days after i still get nervous but who doesn’t. I grow up in Rumson New Jersey, my neighborhood was like a wall street sleeper town It gets hard working people lives there it’s peacefull and it’s very small it’s like 8.000 people. My mum Devora Puth, hello, she is watching this she taugh me piano whan I was four years old I’m actually knocked my first XX on the piano because I was trying to like reach up. She taught me, then I got piano lessons and always learning classical and jazz piano, but I always have this interesting in pop music, because she would play records from the Carpenters and James Taylor I was kind of like a spoiled in that way listening like a rich harmonic golden era singer-songwriter 70’s this music that my parents grow up listening too. In like 2000 my friends would listening to in sync and Britney Spears classical music from the cord stem to all of this different genres so I always love find the similarities, with like Mozart melodies, and like this similarities it’s been in Justin Timberlake record. I think the more music that you listen to the more you can, because of the perfect peach I store on my mind like a hard driving and I can just pick and chose different melodies and beats an stuff. How I should describe the perfect peach? I know, I was doing this earlier with this little stick thing. F does anyone know how to hide a F on the piano?. That’s perfect peach. I was to afraid to sing in front of people I would build up my YouTube channel by taking popular music in making different arrangements, and I did, with one record by Adele which is a brilliant record calls “Someone like you”. And then Ellen found that video and freaked out and brought me to perform in her show and offered me record contract, whit her label at the time 1111 records it officially put me on the radar with all the record labels. So that ended and then I finished school I had a full scholarship to Barkely, my friend Miles who was upstairs in the meeting right now, he just hit me up and it was “Hey I love your music, are you publisher right now?” and I was like I don’t even know what the publisher is. When you are looking for a songwriter you want a know this, sombody it’s goanna stand the test of time, there gonna, you know, there gonna be able to write songs for people in a year two years from now. You know he had that, that passion to prove himself and that competitiveness. We flew him to LA so we came out here, first day he wrote Mravyn Gyae, second day he wrotes see you again we were like this kid is unbelievable. I never been in California before I was like, I little afraid to come here on my own. Statefarm celebrated grate artist to in the good neighbor back home who help make them who they are today. For part two of Charlie Puth artist story go to

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