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The Global Learning XPRIZE on Indiegogo

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>> When I grow up I want to be a doctor. >> When I grow up I want to be a professor. >> Scientist. >> Designer. >> I want to help people. >> Teacher. >> Actress. >> Engineer. >> Basketball player. >> Turns out kids dream big no matter where they're from. Unfortunately where they're from makes a big difference of whether or not they'll ever realize those dreams. You see 250 million children from around the world cannot read, write or do basic arithmetic. Many live in developing countries without regular access to schools or teachers. And it would take over one and a half million additional teachers to meet this unserved need. It's clear. This traditional approach will not scale. We simply cannot build enough schools or train enough teachers. But what if technology could help? At XPRIZE, we use incentive competitions to inspire technology that can solve our grand challenges. In 1996, we offered $10 million for the first private spaceship to carry three adults to 100 kilometers altitude. One in 2004, it kicked off today's personal space flight revolution. Then in 2010, following the BP oil spill, our XPRIZE improved oil spill clean up technology by 600%. Next we launched a $10 million competition to bring the Start Trek Tri-Quarter to life and give us a world of healthcare abundance. But now, now we need your help to solve one of the most critical challenges ever, bringing literacy to hundreds of millions of kids around the world. That's why we're launching the Global Learning XPRIZE. We're challenging teams from around the globe, to develop tablet-based software solutions, that will take any child from illiteracy, to basic reading, writing and numeracy, in just 18 months. >> A, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, l, m, n, o, p. >> We expect hundreds, maybe thousands of teams to enter this XPRIZE. From 1,000 teams, we'll down select to a top five finalists. And test their software in Africa with 5,000 kids. 18 months later, we will crown a winner. But perhaps best of all, the winning solution is then gonna be made open source to benefit all of humanity. So far we've raised $15 million in prize money to incentivize this future. Our goal is an expansive community supporting this vision, making sure it reaches the finishing line. Support this campaign and you'll have access to some incredible perks. You'll have the opportunity to download a beta copy of the finalist software, a full 18 months before it goes open source. You can become a digital visioneer and help vote on which grand challenge the XPRIZE takes on next. Perhaps most exciting, you can sponsor an entire village and give them the gift of literacy. How many doctors, pilots, scientists, architects, and entrepreneurs will this Global Learning XPRIZE enable? Join us. Donate and share this message. Help us empower young minds everywhere.

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The Global Learning XPRIZE on Indiegogo

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