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Transcending the Body, Mind & Emotions. Sadhguru

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See, now you’re using this analogy of four wheels of the car Your body, mind, emotion and your energies Your life energies will always invariably be in the direction of life. Life will be its priority, always To a large extent that is so with the body also. Body also, always in the direction of life In your mind you may believe all kinds of stupid philosophies You may think “To be or not to be" This is all mental nonsense You just close your mouth, hold your nose for two minutes, and see Body will say “to be, to be, to be” There’s no not to be Yes or no? Because body is life oriented, life energies are 100% life oriented Body is largely life oriented Mind can freak out on anything Mind is a lie Every day it will tell you something and make you believe it Tomorrow it will make you feel like a fool for what you believed yesterday Isn’t it so? Hasn’t it done to you any number of times? But you don’t learn So, now the thing is, shall we put our life energies in the direction of our mind? Or, shall we put our mind in the direction of our life energies? Tell me what shall we do? What should we do? Hm? …Center them? Now, you are like this Once there was a man who was riding a motorcycle He prided himself to be a, you know a new motorcycle, and enjoying it He and his friend are riding Then he saw a kind of gateway where there were two lights and He told his friend, "See I’ll take the motorcycle between the two lights” From a distance this, the lights were so narrow The friend is for the first time sitting on a motorcycle, he got terrified “Between such a narrow light you’re going to take?” Actually a whole road is passing But, from a distance it looks like, well like this Then full speed he went through the gateway, zoom! Very excited. Then they saw again two lights and he told the friend, “See once again I’ll go through these lights,” and again he went And both of them met in hell because that was a truck So don’t take the in-between way always, that’s not the way, ok? Every time you come, go through them Shall we go in the direction of life energies, or in the direction of your mind? Mind is eternally confused The more intelligent you are, the more confused you are. I want you to know this Only an idiot is dead sure about everything Idiots are always dead sure about everything. Isn’t it? Do you see the confidence with which the idiots walk in the world? An intelligent person will hesitate with every step because there are many possibilities You have a single tracked mind, you walk with great confidence It is to get this confidence, the majority of the people in the world are using religion to get this idiotic confidence within themselves God is with us! Once you believe this, no stopping you, you know? It empowers you in a certain way, but it's disastrous for the world Yes? It empowers you in a huge way But, it’s absolutely disastrous to the world Always this has been the history of humanity but right now we have a classic situation going All the... umm.. OK, let me not go into political stuff

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 17, 2010 A seeker asks Sadhguru to discuss the transcendence of body, mind & emotions. (SaO73)

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