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Kill a Bill 'Ditz: Welcome to this week's episode of "Are you the Vector"? Kill a Bill 'Ditz: Today we will be featuring the man known throughout the hood... Kill a Bill 'Ditz: RICH!!! HOMIE!!! TON!!! Kill a Bill 'Ditz: And also featuring "Trap Queen" (whose street name is suga momma)... Kill a Bill 'Ditz: BONQUISHA!!!!! SHENAYNAYQUASILOFANNA!!!!! ABIYOYO!!!!! What's up ma' babies? Now on to the actual part of the show! Let's get on to the interrogation: Missus- oh, sorry, Miss Bonquisha, why do you think you have gonorrhea? Well first of all sir, I have this weird whitish discharge from my vagina, and i have lower pelvic/abdominal pain! Lemme interject fo' a second honey. The only reason yo pelvis hurts is because you have no sense of sexual abstinence! I couldn't have given you gonorrhea because 1. I don't have it and 2. It don't burn when i pee, my genitals ain't swollen, and the only thing discharging from my penis is urine! Yo Rich Homie, you don't seem to understand how serious this is! I'm pregnant, and the gonorrhea could move to my uterus, Fallopian tubes, and ovaries causing PID! And fo' all y'all uneducated people out there, That's Pelvic inflammatory disease! That doesn't seem to affect me in any way though. Its not like it's spreading to my epididymis, causing inflammation and creating scar tissue that could render me infertile. Now AbiYoYo, calm down. I understand what you mean, but you also must understand that gonorrhea is mostly generalized towards women, Since men's symptoms aren't as severe. You know, with childbirth and all. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I DON'T CARE IF HE DOESN'T HAVE SYMPTOMS! WHAT I DO CARE ABOUT IS THE FACT THAT I HAVE HAD ORAL, ANAL, AND VAGINAL SEX WITH THIS MAN AND THIS MAN ONLY! That bit is pretty questionable. Oh. What'chu trying to say? *sighs* I know that that he has to be the one that gave me gonorrhea. It only makes sense, because those are the main ways to obtain it. OK, now that you've unrustled your jimmies- *glares* OK, slightly unrustled- *glaring intensifies* Jeez i get it, now that you've gotten your panties out of a bunch, we can move on to the most important part: your health. Now tell me, has your doctor given you any sort of medication for this illness? I'm sorry, illness? This "illness" is more serious than your whole life, yo whole career, family, everything! I'd like to say that should be reversed. LISTEN UP YOU LITTLE- What'chu wanna say, huh? How old is you, 16? Why you pregnant AND have gonorrhea? Where did yo parents go wrong? I've had enough of yo "interjections' and whatnot! You wasn't complaining when you was busy passing it onto me, was you? Alright, enough of the drama bombs. Back to my previous question, what is your medication? Well since certain strains of the gonorrhea bacteria have been increasingly resistant to penicillin, tetracycline, and sulfa drugs as well as some cephalosporins, he has me prescribed to Zithromax, Rocephin, and Doryx. Any side effects? Well you see, the benefits of the medicine are more important than the side effects, so it doesn't really matter. But there were some times when I had minor chest pains after taking some. Alright, enough about you. Rich Homie Ton, let me ask you some questions. Are you feeling any symptoms that could be associated to gonorrhea in males? Nope, no conjunctivitis, no burning during urination, no swollen glands in the throat or anything of the sort. Hmm, interesting... have you engaged in sexual intercourse with her from 2-14 days ago? That's when the symptoms in males normally start occurring. What do you think you is, some sort of doctor? You better answer my question, or you'll need an actual doctor. Alright, alright man. Jeez, looks like somebody's jimmies are rustled. Look, see what you did Missus- oops, i mean Miss Bonquisha AbiYoYo! Anywhosies, no i did not. i can't even remember the last time i engaged in sexual intercourse with this sorry excuse for a woman- oh wait, you still a girl, ain't you? Uh... um... Kill a Bill 'Ditz? Alright i see... Well, it's possible for symptoms not to occur in some cases... Wait, hollup.. you taking this good-for-nothing's side? *smh* No you hold up, why you be speaking like you any better than me? Alright everybody, calm down. Lets get back to the clap. The Clap? *epiphany occurs* Oh wait, i remember now. That's the name it was referred to before the actual case was discovered way back when, like 1611~ish. According to some historians, the name came about because the infected person would experience a clapping sensation that appeared suddenly while urinating. Others say that the name originated because in order to remove the pus-like discharge from the penis, the penis had to be clapped on both sides. Still, others believe that the name comes from French brothels, which were known as les clapiers, and men who visited these brothels invariably ended up with the infection. And- Alright, you don't have a PhD degree, Masters Degree, and a Bachelor's degree from the MIT for nothing. Now shut up before i kill something other than a bill. You know what? I don't gots time fo none of yo sophisticated jibber jabber! How cal I learn more about this stupid disease? Just ask yo' doctor for additional info- oh wait, you too poor to afford one right? Alright then, just scour the internet aimlessl- oh wait, you too poor to afford internet also, aint'cha? Ooh, looks like she's snapped! Now for the highlight of the show... the verdict! Now Mr. Rich Homie, imma need a urine sample... Now hold up a second son, just use the sample you got earlier. Oh yeah, right... *sighs* (mumbles) try'nna grab my stuff... Alright now, lemme test it... Now the moment we've all been waiting for... the announcement! (staring intensely) And the truth is... *intensity intensifies* Rich Homie Ton... **INTESITY DEFIES ALL HUMAN LOGIC** ... will have his fate announced right after the break! Oh no, you're gonna say this right now before i blow your brains out, Kill a Bill 'Ditz. Alright, Jeez broski. Okay, and the truth is... *re-intensification re-intensifies* Rich Homie Ton... **INTENSITY SO GREAT IT RIPS A HOLE IN THE SPACE TIME CONTINUUM*** You are... *dies* NOT THE VECTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH BOI!!!!!! But... but.. How can this be? Well, we tested the urine, and there were no signs of any strands of the gonorrhea bacteria. Simple as that. We-well... even if you didn't give me gonorrhea... THIS IS YO BABY, AIN'T IT?!?! Sorry girl, but that crap is for a whoooole nother show. We don't got time fo your complaining here. But my BABY!! AUUUGH!!! Well, alright folks, that's it! I don't know what'll be on next week, but it sure ain't gonna be this dumb baby case! See you soon and remember boys... heh... Keep it in your pants! YEAH!

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