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Weather and Climate

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So what is the difference between weather and climate? Did you think they were the same thing? Think again We use the same words to describe them But there are still a big difference between weather and climate. Weather is about short term, and climate is about long term. If you look out of the window now Maybe it's raining Maybe it's sunny Maybe it's snowing But that is what's like today it doesn't mean it'll be like that tomorrow That's right. The weather is what you see out of the window, but the climate is the average weather over a long period of time. That's the difference between weather and climate Weather is a short term thing. It's what you get in one particular day but climate is something else is the average weather over a long period of time maybe 30 years or more In some parts of the world the climate has a definite pattern for example at the Equator. It's hot and and wet all year round In Greece on the other hand, summers are sunny and dry and winters are likely to be wet and colder So what about Britain? We never know what's gonna happen in here You're right! In Britain it can rain any time of the year, and the temperature is always different. That's why someone once said: " Britain has no climate only weather". And that's why we're always talking about it. But why is it like that? Why is Britain climate so changeable? Why it doesn't have a set pattern like Gana or like Greece? Well... That's because Britain has what's called a maritime climate Being an island everywhere is close to the sea, and sea has a great affect on the climate We'll see how it works later. But there are many other types of climate: Tropical climate like in Western Africa; Desert climate like in Arabia; Mediterranean Climate like in Sicily; Continental climate like in USA; Equatorial climate like in Indonesia, and so on. In this part we learned the weather is the day to day condition of the atmosphere, and the climate is the average weather over a long period of time. About 30 years.

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Short video to explain the difference between weather and climate.

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