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Well, the first thing I do in the morning is turn the computer on. Then I might eat breakfast if nothing exciting is happening. [♪ techno music ♪] welcome to One Web Day Welcome to One Web Day! [Cheers] September 22 [audience cheering] WE LOVE THE INTERNET Keegan, Ben, Magicians What do you think the magic of the internet is in our lives? What do you think is the biggest thing the internet has done for society? It connected the world in one big ball of energy, I guess. So why are we here? We're here to celebrate the Web. And the impact it has on human lives, and the enormous, overwhelming potential the Web has to improve human lives around the world. Yeah, it's the fabric that holds it all together. Keeping it simple, and sharing it with one another. The greatest ability for anyone to reach out to the world, and to participate in the great world in our lives. [Craig Newmark, craigslist] Well, I see people using the Web to change all our lives pretty much every day. [Scott Heiferman,] It is truly, all hype aside, changing the world, and it's really just getting started. I use it for my son, to find things to do, to find classes, to find information, for health information. I was diagnosed Paula Hiltz with something that's a very rare condition, and I've been able to find a doctor in Canada who actually does the surgery, and that's all through the amazing internet, because— without technology, people feel like, helpless. It is my daily life. For me, it's a massive part of what I do every day. And it's changed my life for the better. I can communicate with friends, send pictures all over the place, learn new things that I never knew before, in just about an instant. I know I can get a lot of information off the internet, a lot of things that helps me out, job-wise— It facilitates a person's ability to conduct business, to access new services— I pay my bills online. Go on the Web sites for my wife's shopping sprees— We're proud of all those things, and we built them. The people built them, because the Web is fundamentally made of people. It's a miracle. We are using the Web to change all of our lives for the better. We're getting better informed; we're getting better government. we've just got to keep plugging away. We've got to keep following through. [♪ techno music ♪] We need to protect the internet We're also here because we don't want to take the Web for granted. It's an amazing, amazing resource that needs to be protected— [Save our Internet] defended, and celebrated. That's the purpose of One Web Day. Manon Langlois, Cira Representative One Web Day is an international celebration to help celebrate how the World Wide Web brings people together. I think it really facilitates just the freedom to move in our society. That's one thing that's lacking for a whole a lot of people, is the ability to move through consumer circles, to move through information circles, to move physically through spaces. And with the internet, everyone is in the same place, at the same time, right away. There's very little censorship in the internet, which is appealling to a lot of people. You can put whatever you want, in any form that you want. Everyone is equal once they get on the internet. And I think that's what's really important about it. Nobody's in charge. And we should keep it that way. [♪ techno music ♪] we want to celebrate the internet Think about the impact that the Web has had on all of our lives. Over the last decade it's changed how we find work, find people, communicate, work together, play together, recreate in all kinds of ways, and we're just beginning. We're just at the beginning of the history of the Web, and what it can do for humankind. That's the purpose of this holiday, this celebration. To take all of that seriously, and have some fun while we're doing it. I want to support One Web Day, I wanted to say good luck to everybody, it's fabulous that we're having events all over the world— In Austin, Texas, in Belgrade, in Boston, they're thanking Sir Tim Berners-Lee. All over Canada they've had an enormous tour in anticipation of One Web Day. In Chicago they're making films about how they use the Web. In London, the Lord Mayor is making a speech. In Naples, they're having a big creative museum experiment. In Los Angeles, in San Francisco, in the Philippines, three whole days. In Second Life, Sofia, Tokyo, Vienna, and in Westport, Connecticut, a lot of One Web Day celebration is going on. [♪ techno music ♪] One Web Day one web one world one Wish September 22 support OWD at

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