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Jessica Mystic - My Message to Humanity I

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Hi everybody of Youtube land, my name is Jessica Schab, also Known as Jessica Mystic, and, I am what is known as a Cristal Child and I am reaching out to you because due to all this crazyness going on in the world at this time where we look to politicians and world leaders to make things better only to find that they benefit the few and opress the rest of the people. But, children are our future, and, it is the children who will make the difference and there is very special children and adults who have come specifically to lead humanity to the next evolution and reveal to us our inner power and divinity. We function as a group consciousness rather than as individuals and we live by the "Law of the many and the One" or Unity Consciousness. We are a powerful force for love and peace on the planet these kids are highly sensitive and psychic and have important life pourposes and the main difference is their temperament they have a ..w.. sp.. blaaahh they have a warrior spirit because their collective pourpose is to smash down all systems that no longer have the best intentions in mind. They are here to squash government, educational and legal systems that lack integrity, they accomplish this with fiery determination, and they are indeed here, and I am just one of the many out there the most of you watching this, are these ones that I speak of so if you just do not remember yet at this time, but you will. I am one of these kids, and we are all annoyed with problems, and hearing of all what is wrong with the world and our society, well, I am all about solutions, and what needs to be done and I am going to share with everyone. I would like anyone who feels connected to what I have to say to feel free to contact me I have unconditional love and light for everyone regardless of who they are, what they have or what they believe, or what they have done, -even to the illuminati. I feel it is time to honour ourselves by no longer lending our strenght to that which we wish to be free from, it is said that children will lead you, so let them. Let us nurture our inner child and see what happens as well. We have all the information now, we now know, beyond a shadow of doubt, we are being controlled and manipulated by people who do not have the best intentions in mind the world's situation and life looks pretty bleak since we rely on our system for many things. They even control our money, cleverly thinking of any silly way to get more of our money that we slave over and damn near kill ourselves to get! ♪ if they stop moving ... after 'till they are moving again, it's got to circulate, circulate, ♪come out of the woods♪, stimulate all of the services and goods♫ ♪ It's no .... to incubate ♫ ♪ moneyyy 's got to circulate ♫ " million, two million, three million, four..." Even our police and authority figures are nothing more than bullies who perpetuate and encourage more crime. The media is also responsible for this especially the news, buying this crap you'll look like me!, -that is media for you- and our medical industry is more interested in having us on drugs and treating the symptoms than the actual root cause of the illness, and we have so many charities that care but with all the money we've raised with guilt trips and so called "do good donations" thinking that it will help things has only resulted in more diseases than ever, with costs constantly increasing and we have our food and environment constantly being poisoned. There is a cure for all these illnesses we hear about on tv, but we do not hear about them, because, do you know how much jobs, and money would be lost? Its a business! We have our food and environment constantly being poisoned, that is also a business. Do you think that watching the news is going to make any of this better? Do you really think you are being told the truth? Do you not see how biased the news is? Only focusing on the worst things in the world making it seem scarier than it actually is? And, do you think watching and being subjected to this will somehow make things better? Are you still waiting for the day when you will wake up and will one day better? That some hero or savior will come and make it all right? Did you know that you are the answer to your prayers? Did you know that we are the cause and solution to all life's problems? We are always being told to wake up, well, OK! We have awakened, now what? We have been informed now on what is going on, thanks to all the Jordan Maxwells, and David Ickes, and Deepaks Chopras and singers such as Jewel, and movies like "Zeitgeist", "The Secret" and "What the Bleep", and books like "Anastasia The Ringing Cedars" and now most celebrities and film makers write about this dropping subtle hints here and there and now the next step we need to do is take responsibility. What do I mean by that? Everything outside of us going on in the world today that we see is a mirror of what is going on inside each and everyone of us as much as we hate what we are seeing all around us we need to understand that it is a part of ourselves that we hate and want to run from now we have allowed this to go on for so long that has gotten out of hand only because we were conditioned to believe that if you have some pain or discomfort, we must repress it, drug it, pretend it is not there so we can continue on with our day, we have been taught not to trust ourselves, we would rather go to a doctor or psychologist or a psychic even media to tell us what we need to do and how we need to be and, I am a healer, and I know that, with pain, we are taught that it is a bad thing, but really, all you do is just change your relationship to pain pain is just a messenger that needs to be adressed to the right address I mean, we just need to educate ourselves by getting to know our own body, our own mind our own spirit. How come we have just been told the problem but never how it happened or what exactly is happening right now? Or what we can do about it? How come we are not taught how the master oppressors/controllers work? If we know how exactly the ones who control us work then we can easily reverse it, right? How is it that we have been successfully tricked into war and a life of discord all this time? We should give them credits since they have done a good job of almost trapping us and giving us a damn impressive challenge in order to really grow into our potential we can indeed learn from this, we can sure use this to freedom's advantage. Now it seems we have been successfully repressed because of some secret knowledge of our true identity. We have all been wondering who we are, where we came from and why are we here. But, how come we never have asked why we do not know this? How is it possible that we could live in a state of amnesia for so long? That the ones who control us, (they) know who we are, yet it is obviously not beneficial for them to have us know though. So it is very important to know what they know about us... you know? -I know that you know that I know- It is not so much that it has been hidden but more so scattered everywhere in places where fear has told us never to look. The truth is every person holds a piece of the puzzle just like every belief, we need everyone's help on the planet. No longer should we separate ourselves by imaginary lines for we are all citizens of the earth. It is time to come and work together. Everyone has something to contribute. We have been controlled through separation divide and conquer, mentality and, we need to stop pointing fingers and saying this is everyones fault but mine because we also have all contributed to the world being this way our greatest power is us working in a co-collective co-creational manifestation. This is how things get done, because we are in fact the many and the one. billions of cells make up our body and billions of people -the cells- make up the one planet, that is a biological living being. if the planet is sick then the people are sick and if the people are sick then the planet is sick. Cancer is really when our cells fight each other and they do not know they are all on the same team, and that they are all related. It is all relative. They do not realize they are the same. Is this not what war is?

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Posted by: iotemka on Mar 26, 2009

A blue print for a higher consciousness

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