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Marco, 1972 (#1099)

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Well, these kind of questions are interesting for me. Number one: I think there would be no kind of change for me. I've been working with people who are positive since 1998, and one of the things I've found most often is that a positive person is, first of all, having to integrate into a new world, enter a spiritual plane, combine two worlds, make them one. When it comes to that person's integration, it has been discovered that human beings need to undertake many kinds of changes, especially when facing new challenges in life. With a person who is positive, if they could find a cure for this illness that's affecting our century, the person would become more committed to themselves, and they would be committed to the world. They wouldn't just be dedicated to the people surrounding them, but to their own future. I think they are the most sensitive people. I think they are the people who have the most knowledge about life and who also have an amazing strength to be able to confront their challenges today and into eternity. They are the people who don't have a problem at all, though many believe they are too... selfish. But they are the people who can most easily let go of everything, because they've lost a lot and have won more. So I think positive people are a new generation. They are people who have not only physically but spiritually come to self-actualization. So, that person is right. Yes it might have affected them physically because they've had medical intervention. This is a brand new person, a person who's looking at the present, and is a person who maybe could inspire us in the future. So, for me personally, I think when people say, "I'll pray for you," I would rather pray for them, so they could understand the positive person better, because they have grown much more, not only physically, but emotionally, but mostly spiritually, so there's no problem with them. I think we're in a new generation where there are more important things to take care of that have nothing to do with HIV.

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