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Делюсь своими мыслями после Кёльна

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Hi everyone, Danya Zeus Here I am going to tell you about out future plans My thoughts on the major And also will tell you about updates on Our plans Today is 26th of August We're playing a BO3 vs VP on a very important league for us We have a rather hard group with VP and TSM We're getting ready for it After Cologne some of my teammates didn't fully "recover" But we'll simply try to win this game We don't have crazy confidence, nor do we have low morale, we're just ready to play Tomorrow we will start practicing For a Slovenian event, VP, Kinguin, and some other worthy teams will be there That event will be held on September 6-8th After that we are flying off to Dubai, where all top8 teams will gather for 250 000$ We will try to fix all of our mistakes that popped up in Cologne Will try to change our practice schedule so we could get back in our form I think if Cologne was closer to when we won Starladder and ESWC we would place much higher Right now we kind of lost our form and didn't show shit in Cologne After that we will have FaceIt, DreamHack CEVO and a lot of online matches So you can see if we progress or not Thoughts on ESL Cologne The scale was amazing I liked everything, there were some problems Because when we opened the stage playing vs EnvyUs organizers refused to give us in-ear buds They said that this is their rule, but for some reason all the other teams played with in-ear buds When you're playing in front of 10k people, sometimes it's hard to hear footsteps and other little details EnVy had the same issue of course So it was kind of a let down when we tried to explain the issue but instead we just got refused They tried to convince us that other teams will play without in-ears too, but that was not the case What else It was cool to see the line for the pins and other accessories, you can see my video on that It was a small line inside for press and VIP Outside it was crazy That lead me to a conclusion that CS is gaining in popularity All the records were smashed again It was very cool to re-watch the presentations of the teams, with that International-like voice Absolutely stunning We had a lot of russian fans there, the cursed so much Sorry guys, we failed It was my fault Everyone was disappointed and we can't let it be like that VP fans had a buttclench, it was very cool and emotional If you have a chance to visit an event like this- do it. Moving on to Most active CSGOWINNER.NET players will win a prize EVERY WEEK! You have to play the most games to win, right now it's an AK, but in future there would be prizes like "Pracc with me, Katowice pins, knifes, money, etc." It is not about how much you win/lose, but all about your activity We also have a referral rating, in 5 days we will hand out quite some money. That's what I wanted to say See ya!

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Делюсь своими мыслями после Кёльна

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