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2857 Having an Ultrasound Scan of your Child’s Hips

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Your child has been invited for an ultrasound scan to help in the diagnosis of the condition of their hip joint. The doctor or midwife who examined your baby after birth noticed that your baby has an increased chance of a having a problem with one or both hips. An ultrasound examination of their hips means that we can carry out a detailed examination for you and your baby. This is important because early detection shortens the time of treatment and also means there is a better chance of avoiding an operation later in life. However, if you decide not to attend, please let the department know in plenty of time so that your appointment can be offered to somebody else. We use ultrasound scanning because it doesn't expose your child to any radiation, is very quick, and is considered to be safe. It uses high frequency sound waves to obtain pictures of the inside of the body like the scans we did when you were pregnant. There are some important things you need to address before you come for your child’s scan. You will be able to stay with your baby throughout the scan, but some babies may become restless. We have found that giving your baby a feed a short time before the scan (within 2 hours) may help them feel more relaxed, however this is not essential. The scan is painless and both hips will be examined. You may want to bring some toys, books or rattles, so that you can distract your child during the examination. You and your child or children will be called to the examination room. A specialist will be present, along with an assistant. The rooms are quite dark to help the person performing the scan see the images on the screen. You will be asked to take off the outer layers of their clothing but leave their nappy on. We will just unfasten the velcro of the nappy on the side being imaged. Your baby may be laid on their back or their side in a soft cradle but is not restrained. Clear gel will be put on the skin around their hips, and then a small probe is moved across the skin so that the specialist can examine the hip joints. Ultrasound is very sensitive to movement, so try to keep your child as still as possible. The scan will take up to 20 minutes. Once it is complete, you will be given some tissue to wipe the gel off your child's body. Sometimes follow up scans or clinical appointments are needed. If this is the case, we will let you know at the time.

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2857 Having an Ultrasound Scan of your Child’s Hips

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