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Impeach Obama 2012!

0 (0 Likes / 0 Dislikes) presents: Join the movement to impeach Obama Narrated by Sean Stone INFOWARS On March 7th of this year (2012), Reprezentative Walter Jones of North Carolina introduced House resolution 107 into United States's Congress The resolution states: Whereas the cornerstone of the Republic is honoring Congress's exclusive power to declare war under article I, section 8, clause 11 of the Constitution: Now, therefore, be it Resolved by the House of Representatives (the Senate concurring), That it is the sense of Congress that, except in response to an actual or imminent attack against the territory of the United States, the use of offensive military force by a president without prior and clear authorization of an act of Congress violates Congress's exclusive power to declare war under Article I, Section 8, clause 11 of the Constitution Jones intended his resolution to express the sense of Congress, that the use of offensive military force by a president, without the prior and clear authorization of an act of Congress constitutes an impeachable high crime and misdemeanor under Article 2, Section 4 of the Constitution Why does president Barrack Obama deserve to be impeached? Here are 4 reasons: "Doing little or nothing at all will result in even greater deficits," "even greater job loss, even greater loss of income.." One: The Obama Administration not only endorsed the 2008 bailout policy, the funds from which did not go either to homeowners or for taxpayers protection, but rather to the consolidation of private banks, many of them in Europe. There was no investment of any meaningfull type in the physical economy, there was no protection of the American people, but rather an illeagal commitment made on behalf of private banking institutions to commit the American people to paying a debt, that the American people did not accrued. The Trillons (10^12) of dollars that were pledged to the private banking sector are backed by the assets belonging to the American people. This combined represents the most clear violation of the principle of the general welfare in the preambule to the Constitution of the United States. I also want to be clear about what we will not be doing. The United States is not going to deploy ground troops into Libya. The US boots are reportedly on the ground in Libya.. Two: The Obama Administration conducted a war in Libya which it claimed it did not conduct, with american forces that it claimed were not involved, for the purposes of overthrowing and executing a head of a sovereign state who was held in a custody of insurgent forces financed and militarily supported by United States, France, Britain and other NATO countries. This was done despite the fact that the United States was neither attacked nor threatened with attack by the nation of Libya. Only the Congress, not the president, has the authority under the Constitution to declare war, but The Obama Administration believes that it has that authority. Do you think that you can act without Congress to initiate a no-fly zone in Syria? Without Congressional approval? The administration recently asserted that it's actions are above the laws of the United States, in an exchange between Obama's Secretary of Defense Leon Pennetta and Senator Jeff Sessions about Obama.. Our goal would be to seek international permission and we would come to the Congress and inform you and determine how best to approach this, wheter or not we would want to get a permission from the Congress. I think those are issues we would have to discuss as we decide what to do. What I heard you say is: We are going to seek international approval, and you will come and tell the Congress what we might do. The Obama Administration thus does not believe that the Congress has the exclusive power to declare war, and accordingly, the president should be impeached. Let me welcome Prime Minister Cameron to the United States and New York.. Obviously, there is an extraordinarly special relationship. Three: The Obama Administration sides with the imperial power of the Great Britain and proudly so, in what has been called "The special relationship". Through that special relationship, the United States, as a result of a false inteligence, advocated by Tony Blair, claimed that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, and conducted a preventive war against the Iraq in 2003. Preventive war was declared a crime against the humanity by the Nuremberg trial statues of 1947. But now, on March 13th, of this year (2012), Barrack Obama and David Cameron declared their intention to seek the removal of the Syrian regime of president Bashir al-Assad. A regime that has shown no intent of threatening or attacking the United States republic. This shows Obama's intent to continue a policy of war, for the commision of which, the nazi's were sentenced to death at Nuremberg. If president Obama intends to finance, arm, or in any way miliarily support the rebel factions against the president of Syria, He has a constitutional requirement to approach the Congress for declaration of war. Four: President Obama has commited us as a country to a policy of indefinite warfare, including on American soil. On December 31st, 2011, Barrack Obama signed into law -2012 National Defense Authorization Act- which includes provisions, that state that the Congress affirms the authority of the President to use all necessary and appropriate force pursuant to the Authorization for Use of Military Force includes the authority for the Armed Forces of the United States to detain covered persons pending disposition under the law of war. When Congress defined such covered persons, exempting US citizens from the language, they were rebuked by The Obama Administration, which told them to remove US citizens from being precluded. Thus as a result, US citizens can also be detained by the US Military, indefinitely, without due process or civilian trial. This now allows the United State's military to arrest and detain, without trial, the American citizens, were they deemed enemy combatants. "It abrogates the Constitution of the United States in 4th, 5th and 6th Amendments." "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects," "against unreasonable searches and seizures", and that "No person shall be held to" "to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or" "indictment of a Grand Jury", and that "the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and" "public trial, by an impartial jury." All those rights have been abandoned by the United States under president Barack Obama. Futher, the president asks country to belive him, when he says that he will not use his power of the executive towards the arrest of the US citizens pursuant to the NDAA of 2012, however, the executive branch has already ordered the execution of an American citizen in November of 2011. The Obama Administration has already assasinated American citizen, Anwar al-Awlaki, who was never tried in absentia, but was simply indicted by a secret court, according to the executive branch, who then ordered his assasination. A murder, which also included that of his son, a 16 year old boy, and a family friend. Considering the president's willingness to assasinate American citizens, are we really ready to entrust them with the power to indefinitely detain US citizens, in the course of so called "combat"? After all, our Constitution promises the trial of all crimes, except in cases of impeachment, shall be by jury, and such trial shall be held in a state where the said crimes have been commited. Now is the time, if we choose to surrender our republic to a machinations of a dictatorship, for fear of external threats, terrorism, and other amorphous enemies, than we do not deserve the republic, which was given to us by our forfathers, and promised to us based on a pledge, that it is a republic of the people, by the people, and for the people. Consequently, as a republic belonging to us, we are not accountable to the president and the Congress, they are accountable to us. And should the president presume the dictatorial powers, regardless of the state of war that he may claim we are now in, he must respond to our demands, to protect American citizens from unauthorized illegal detention by the military and to annul this National Defense Authorization Act of 2012, and if he does not do so, than he deserves to be impeached immediately. But if we say nothing today, where will we be tomorrow? Ask yourselves what are you doing in this time of great challange? What are you doing to unlock minds? Go to and for the latest headlines and cutting edge information. [Transcribed by] JOIN THE RESISTANCE!

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Barack Hussein Obama is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors in violation of the United States Federal Constitution -- offenses for which he must immediately be impeached.

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