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ESWC2006 on Alhurrah

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Again we salute you in Ramia Horra "Free Kick" France was preparing for the FIFA World Cup semi-finals and at the same time, Paris was Hosting the third electronic games and football tournament with participation of more than 800 players from more than 50 nations Paris hosted the International Tournament for Computer Games with participation from ore than 50 countries Today there are a lot of computer games But Pro Evolution Soccer Has a special flavor in a context enhanced by the FIFA World Cup finals in Germany This game is the European version of Winning Eleven 9 Known in the Gulf as the Japanese League it is the best game simulator for real football ever and had seen last year the launch of Saudi By Badr Hakeem's win aka ArabianJoker of last year's championship Badr: We have talent in Saudi and it is natural I mean the game is famous in Saudi and loved by all ¾ of the Saudi people play it and why not, since we all play it why don't we gain the title by God's will it doesn't need much, all it needs is Fast wits, concentration and cool nerves And of course skills And by God's will they are all available with us Badr Hakeem withdrew this time from the competition, because the drew forced him to Face an Israeli player A lot of obstacles facing The Arabian Players with the French adventure doors closing in their faces because the French consulates did not issue a VISA for all players who were invited The best player in Egypt did not come with us because he was unable to get a VISA from the French emabssy unfortunately there were very rigid with us and the consular in Egypt did not serve us at all Ali Nab is the best player and every one knows him, we are all sad that he because we were expecting that he would have an achievement if he came and possibly take a title; also Khalid who is "Water Mellon" ranked 14 on a WarCraft server also was unable to get a VISA the is the only problem, bu at Games and Potential in Egypt ... As Competitions that we do as Giga Byte did "Kings of Games" and so we have everything, everything is available thank God Games have proved its self in the Arabian region and the circle of players is always widening it is actually being orginized strongly this is one of the factors that nominated the Kuwaiti Players Band Al-Mutairy to with the second place the entire Middle East is represented here and supervising it was the Saudi Yasser Bahjatt Yasser: the football Game Winning eleven or the European version of it Pro Evolution is almost the most dominant thing in Saudi as per our statistics we have at least 4 to 7 million players playing this game in Saudi alone the participation is not only from the Arabian East alone, fore the West has its athletes as well Video Games are spreading fast in Algeria for example The issue we have players we have allot of players but the issue is in the means as you know the computer and consul; all of that it needs allot of money for the person to provide the equipment necessary for all of these players so now we are working to have support that would allow us to grow, and to spread and to bring in more traffic to this kind of sport A few weeks ago it was announced the oppening of the first European center for treating Video Games addicts in Holand there is no sport with out risk that is what defenders of these games say and the prefer the title Electronic Sports World Cup instead of Video Games Arab Players have proved them selves in these games but they don't feel any official recognition in their countries their message then is clear Video Gaming is a Sport Adel Qastal for Ramya Horrah, Paris

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Duration: 4 minutes and 31 seconds
Year: 2006
Country: France
Language: Arabic
Producer: Alhurrah
Director: Alhurrah
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Posted by: saintlucifer on Jun 21, 2010

تقرير عن اللاعبين العرب المشاركين في كأس العالم للرياضات الإلكترونية 2006، يشمل مقابلات مع بدر حكيم(بطل العالم 2005) وياسر بهجت

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