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R, e, e, n That sound it up how do we mark it underline the e double e in the mouth sounded up together g, r, e, e, n, green the eight word is long, the long’s strength is for the tent, long let’s sounded out together? L, o, ng Go ahead on writing And then help me to write it: l, o, ng And how do we mark it? Underline ng The ninth word is black, we are black pains for the part black let’s sound it up: b l a ck Notice the use of two letter k Go ahead on writing and then help me to write it B l a ck, and how do we mark it? Underline the ck Why did we use two letter ck? Because it’s after a single short vowel. The tent where is three, three dogs slept. Three. Let’s sound it out: th-r-ee. This is an e double e. Go ahead and write it, and now help me to write it: th-r-ee. And how do we mark it? Well, underline the th and the ee. Many teachers asked me after teaching their first spelling how they are going to do this on their own in the classroom. And I was like to take a moment and talk to you about the supports that Logic of English provides for teachers. It’s one of the things that first you need to add. So for example with the logic of English essentials program, And the same thing will be true foundations we provide a tremendous amount of teachers supports each of the lessons will teach tell you exactly which phonograms to teach which spelling rules to teach, they will give you phonemic awareness or exploring sounds activities they've all been ordered in a logical sensible way for you these are marked clearly in the manuals. There are also a lot of enrichment activities where if a student is struggling this are clearly marked in blue boxes so that in essentials programs so that you know that these are optional but you also don't have to reinvent or invent something if you have a student that needs more practice. when it comes to teaching through discovery are teachers manuals provide for you lots of simple words For example on the screen you'll be able to see a simple page from the essentials training manuals or teacher's manuals where it's about teaching the two letters the rule about the two letter is used only after a single short vowel the words, the simple words for you to write on the border to give your students all their see so you don't have to invent that for yourself Another thing that You´ll be increased by in their spelling lists have a lot of information built in there for the teachers There is the spelling word itself But also sample sentences so that you Don´t have to come up with them on your own The reason they´re marked in that way There is a pronunciation guide on how to Pronounce the word so if you are not sure Because you are maybe teaching in an EFL setting There is a pronunciation guide there There are also spelling hints so all of the rules and the phonograms that are applied in a word are listed for the teacher so that you can be learning that alongside your students finally the lessons include grammar and punctuation, vocabulary development dictation and phrasal tense level composition as appropriated for the age of the students in this way it helps you to provide meaningful practice with this words without you having to come up and figure out how to integrate that into your classroom so you lesson on your own.

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This video is about the logic of English

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