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Bill Hybels on Succession Planning, Part 2

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Leadership Straight from Bill Hybels Bills Hybels on Succession Planning, Part 2 What I like about our situation... and here is what I want to be really clear about because where the hurt comes... many of you could list a number of succession plans where there was terrible hurt. Families that split up over this. These are potentially devastating kinds of dynamics. So, the first decision that has to be made is 'who call is it about how succession is going to happen.' So, I am not picking on anyone here, but I know many Pentecostals or Charismatics around the world where they say, "It is my call and I am going to bequeath it to my son or daughter." It is as if it is a sole proprietorship or a privately owned company. "It is my church. I built it. I will determine who the next pastor is. My son will pay me 'this' much for the rest of my life. I will pay my son handsomely." And it goes on. Now, if there is no board of directors, no elders and no one objects and the son is qualified, great, it works. I could tell you many of these places. It works wonderfully. But if there is a board that says, "No, that is our job." And a pastor who says, "No, it is my job and it is my son." Now, you have a recipe for disaster. So the very first question... if anyone says the word "succession" in your hearing, then you think, "Note, note, note." The first discussion is whose job is it to do the succession plan. Absolutely essential. When I had the conversation, the elders started saying, "Are you going to preach until you die?" I thought, "I think they are asking me the succession question." In fact, I found out that they were. So then I said, "Hey, if we are going to get into this conversation, let's just start by saying 'is that your job or mine?' Because if we are not clear on that we are setting ourselves up for horrible heartbreak." And we had a long debate about that. And they said, "At the end of the day, we want it to be the elders call." I said, "Clear, clear." Then, when we got into it further, they came back to me and said, "It is going to our final call but we want you to run the succession program." I said, "Oh, so I do all of the work then you make the final call." They said, "Yeah, basically." Then I sat with that for awhile and thought, "For me and our culture, that is exactly what I would prefer." Because we have an elder board with term limits and we have three new elders that 'slide' on and off every year. I have spent 40 years caring for this. I want Willow to go places in the future that I could never take it. So let me do all of the work of trying to find an internal candidate. Let me do all of the work trying to find the best external candidate getting him up to 'speed.' Then you make the call and get the credit. That is great. That is fine with me. So we have a very clear understanding about how that is going to go. But after my last day, it is written in the agreement I cannot attend a weekend service for one year, which I think is wise. Then after that I can attend as a member and volunteer any time I want, which I think is all wise. My latest thought... I am asked this everywhere I go, they say, "If you are in good health but have to leave Willow at a certain date, what are you thinking about doing?" I think I would pastor another church. It cannot be in the Chicago area obviously. But I was made to be a pastor. And I am a better Christian when I am a pastor. And I love to build teams. And any other thing that I would put my hand to do would feel less important. Like running an NGO or doing something like that or being at a seminary, it is all good for someone else. I just think the most important thing that is going on on planet Earth is the building and developing of local churches. And I do not want to just talk about building local churches. When I go out on the road and come to your country, I love to talk about it and then I really love landing back in the US and doing. I love being in the trenches, solving the problems, taking the hits, getting the uniform dirty. I like the actual fight of building a local church. So I will probably, if I have good health, I may sail for a year or something. But then, I would probably join up and be a staff member at a local church or a section pastor somewhere.

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