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Muttu Kumar - Hampi, India - Kannada (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~07:55:33 - 08:11:33

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I will teach you about it and you say it,that's all. Now we need to explain this right? So I'll say it now later on I'll teach it to you They have now taken the camera off they need to fit it now, until then... This is the Chitra temple,as they call it. Chitra is the 'Natanki'. Natya God. Achutaraya is the name of the king but he built of Vishnu. This is from 15th Century. 1529-42 is of the Great empire of Krishnadevaraya's brother Achutaraya has built this beautiful temple. And this is the natural rocks. Of white granite, they use to break and make these nice temples. And built up there, is called the 'Courtisan Bazaar'. Muttu:Brothers weren't they? Achutaraya and Krishnadevaraya? Basappa: Yes they were brothers. Muttu:How long ago was this built? Basappa: 15th Century Muttu: 15th century Basappa: Morning! You should have told, I would have also come around 5-5:30 along with you. Man: No. It took me time to reach. Basappa: No, but i would have also come with you up there. Man:No problem. Did you meet Muttu? Basappa: Yes Muttu: I know.. Yes.. old friend (chuckle) Muttu: Come, let us go to Suli Bazaar Basappa: You go ahead, I'll come in a while. Muthu: In Kannada, its Suli Bazaar, in English it's a red light area. Basappa: Yes This temple built by Achyutaraya King. This temple built at 15th century. Brother of Krishnadevaraya. And inside this temple there is no statue. When they built it after Musalmans came they break at 1565. So this is the wall goes inside. So its means Garbhagriha we call. So its means we go inside, we pray. We make three times round. And Musalmans they break the tower and the statue, everything. And in front of the temple there is a market. Its called Suli Bazaar, I told you. Its means red light area. So we go into like this. And there is holes also, in fact, from the top, from the rope. Bit dark, so take care. Now there is no statue, so.. Be careful, it is big hole. Come this way. You know why these holes are here? Now from here, the water will come. So it will be in the hole. When in the afternoon, it will be sun shines. From the hole it comes down. And from the water when it will fall. And it will be light. Natural. Olden days. At 15th Century. But now, its been demolition by Muslim and kings. So there is no water, no statue in here. There is many holes like this. Il n'y a pas de light. Here was the statue. Vishnu statue was here. So the Muslim all made this statue. And there, the tower also, the roof.. Now it is nothing. Just flat, just to see, to remember. Okay? We'll go? You see here? It's been cracked. The roof going to fall down. From Archeological they rebuilt this pillar. For support for the cracked. Otherwise this part also, it was going to fall. See these two statues? They are named, called Jaya and Vijaya. And they are security, for guard. Means inside the temple, to save the God inside. And the Musalmans, they have been cut also. The leg is a little bit cracked. In Hindu culture, when the statue broke, we don't pray to the God now, so thats why they.. Basappa: Because there is no more energy in the God. Want more light, I think. On y va? Parti. So here, there is, was a statue. Oh, no statue, eagle was here It's vehicle of Vishnu. And from every front of Vishnu's statue there is different. Fish, pig and also eagle. Many, many birds. These are incarnations from the Vishnu. And also, lion face. You can see Hanuman, Rama. You can see this. It means, three kinds of things. You can see, the face is lion. And the body, just half of the body is horse. And down also it's lion. And the pig. Elephant and pig, the trunk is there. And here also, the monkeys. It looks aggressive, the face. Made by a single piece of stone, this. One of the big pieces. Here people, pilgrims, when they come to visit the temple, the pilgrims are going to sleep here. In the small Mantapas. Mantapa means small compartments. In the olden days, they used to sleep here. Yes, anything else? No rooms in olden days, only caves and temples like these. So they used to sleep here. The Archeologists, it was going to fall down, this building - the temple. And the Archeologists are rebuilding now. So we go around, we coming like this. These are the people from Archeological department. They came to work. Temples and rebuilding also. Yeah, pillars. This is the back of the hill, big stones. Natural. Come. See this is the.. There is a wall like this. Inside there is a statue. When they wash the statue, the holy water comes separate like this. It's going to fall down. And even also temples. Somewhere. In Virupakshi temple also like this. But statue is not inside. So thats why they don't pray. There is no power of energy of the Gods. Water will come like this. And also, the face looks like a crocodile. From the angle, side angle. On y va? You see here, these are two ladies.. Younger ladies. Olden days to the temple priest or king, anyone come to visit the temple. Or Achyutaraya king, they're saying welcome to the temple. In Indian language, they're called Kanni, means.. Without any habits with other girls, younger girls. There is four like this.

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Muttu explains the history of the Achituraya Temple to Satya, along with Basappa.

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