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Pocahontas and John Smith conversation about the endocine system

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What do yo know about the endocrine system? I know a few things. Can you teach me about it so that I may be more knowledgeable Pocahontas? Sure, it would be my honor John Smith. Does your friend want to learn with us? Maybe. What do you say buddy? He doesn't seem particularly interested. So what can you tell me about the endocrine system? Quite a lot. Well let us start with the basics. Basics it is then. First you should know how to compare the nervous and endocrine systems. Comparisons huh? Continue Both use chemicals that bind to receptors on target cells So they must also share many chemical receptors. Wow, am I wrong? No, you are very much correct Your friend must be trying to tell me that they both are regulated primarily by negative feedback mechanisms. I think he was. Such rude creatures He is ok. No! I will get it back. Maybe he is trying to get us to discuss more. Well there is the hypothalamus. Hypothalamus? Yes. What of this can you tell me? Well it has neurons that secrete two hormones. They are released from the posterior pituitary right? You are a quick learner. I guess I am. And if I am not mistaken the pituitary gland sits within the sella turcica of the solenoid bone. Exactly! Also the adrenocorticotropic hormone or (ACTH) stimulates release of steroid hormones from adrenal cortex. You are speaking of the anterior pituitary hormones? Precisely. You also have the adrenal glads. yes they are yellow, pyramid-shaped glands. and retroperitoneal. What did I say? Stop. I was just about to tell you that pancreatic polypeptide inhibits gallbladder contraction and reduces digestive activity. F cells yes I know. Yes can we talk about Delta cells? They suppress release of glucagon and insulin. and slows rates of food absorption and enzyme secretion in digestive tract. You seem to know quite a bit already! Does that mean that we cannot discuss as blood glucose rises, beta cells secrete insulin bringing glucose into target cells? also that insulin and glucagon are primary hormones controlling blood glucose levels Glucose homeostasis, I am aware. Well what do you know about alpha cells? They secrete glucagon causing liver breakdown of glycogen and glucose release.

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Pocahontas and John Smith conversation about the endocrine system.

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