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MyKabbalah Lesson 1 mission 4 Engsmall

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From Reactive to Proactive In this mission, we would like to learn the first step in how to switch from reactive behaviour, to a proactive behaviour. So, initially, when something happens, when a situation occurs we are all reactive. Until we catch ourselves, and then we can change something in the situation. So, if we dwell too long in a reactive state of mind it becomes very difficult to pull ourselves out of the situation. So, I would like to introduce you to the first tool of this course. Every time you find yourself reacting this week Just pause. When you pause, you are actually stopping your reactive behaviour. And stopping acting on a reactive low level of consciousness. And after that, simply say: "What a pleasure!" What a pleasure? That's ridiculous, I mean, I just got angry, and this situation is really upsetting, and it's so not feeling like I'm excited, so, why do I say "what a pleasure"? Basically, I want to shock my robotic system and by that, I'm reconnecting to my soul, to my true self, to the Light. This is basically, the first step that we learn. And the more we practice, the more we will be able to change those challenging moments into moments of joy, of moments where we are actually connecting back to ourselves, to our soul. Let's put things right into practice: After watching this video, just go back to the mission and do the recommended exercise. Let's wrap up a little bit, what have we learned so far in this level? So we learned, that everything we want in life is Light. And we also learned that we can operate on two different types of consciousness. One is the lower consciousness, and one is the higher consciousness. Every time we are reacting, we learned, we are operating on a lower consciousness level that will disconnect us from the Light. And every time we are proactive, meaning, we are able to resist and to stop our reactive behaviour, we are elevating to a higher consciousness level and therefore we are connected with the Light. Every level, we are going to receive a spiritual universal rule, and also a practical tool, that will help us to put things into practice. To practice what we are learning here. So, because like attracts like, our first rule for this level is: that every time I want the Light, I need to act like the Light. And our tool for this level is, Pause, and then say "What a Pleasure!" Remember, what a pleasure means that I'm shocking my robotic system, my ego, that just wants to react, and I'm connecting to my soul. Connecting to that Light that is within me. Have you asked yourselves, why certain situations keep repeating themselves in our lives? Well, according to the wisdom of Kabbalah, there is an answer to that. And the answer we are going to receive in our next level.

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