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Le Saga Ninja: Épisode 3

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...Yes, and I'm truly happy to serve you But honestly, don't you think an assassination is a bit much? Frankly, we don't need to be resorting to such drastic measures... Silence! You must do what I say. If you don't... Yes yes yes yes yes, I'll do what you say. Good, there's a lot of work to be done... It's him! ...and at the heart of our mission, we have to make sure that no one finds out what we're doing. If someone were to discover us, all would be lost. Got it? Got it. So our main goal today, the first step of the assassination Is to enter the Westington building, gain access to the roof And to deactivate the electrical box that's link to the electrical source of the city All without being caught. Precisely. I'll enter the building first And I'll meet you an hour later on the roof. If you notice anything even remotely suspicious, abort the mission immediately And meet me outside by the stairs. Got it. The fate of my carreer rests with the success of tomorrow. If we fail, I'll jump from a rooftop. Finally, my one and only chance to avenge the death of my brother has arrived. I'll return home immediately, and after having prepared I'll find my brother's killer. Damn it! Up until now everything had gone as I had anticipated. The electrical box has disappeared! I've got to find it... Ah yes, finally you've found me, and now you're going to kill me valliantly. That's how stories end, isn't it? Ah yes, now you see that anything is possible. It's not "the hero" that always wins, its the side that's the strongest. But the two are the same person. You still have much to learn. It's too bad you won't live to see that day. Stop right there! No! Darn! You won again! Want to play again? OK

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Duration: 6 minutes and 6 seconds
Country: Canada
Language: French (France)
License: Public Domain
Genre: None
Producer: Lewis Nicolle, Frank Tsai
Director: Lewis Nicolle, Frank Tsai
Views: 152
Posted by: musicaljelly on Jul 17, 2008

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