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What is Insight

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[Adobe Training Services - For Omniture® technology] Hi everybody. This is Doug. I'm the curriculum manager in the Omniture® business unit at Adobe. Today's topic is What is Omniture® Insight? Well, Omniture® Insight, along with SiteCatalyst and Discover kind of rounds out the analyze section in the Omniture® Online Marketing Suite. And so it is an analysis tool to help us understand what is going on with our business. Now, it actually breaks the model here a little bit, in that it's not only an online marketing suite tool, but one of the main strengths of Insight. Is that it helps us also analyze our offline marketing and our offline business. And we'll talk about that in a moment. So at the highest level, Insight is an analysis tool that goes deep into analysis, a lot like Discover. Where Discover is a deep web-based analysis tool, Insight is also a deep analysis tool, not only for web, but also for other kinds of data. Omniture® Insight enables organizations to quickly analyze large volumes of rapidly evolving data in real time. And the powerful visualizations--that we'll show here in just a minute--provided by Insight allows users to immediately infer meaning to make quick business decisions that improve overall business performance. Insight accepts data from any source, including data warehouse, business intelligence tools, as you can see here, call centers, point-of-sale stores, ATMs, kiosks, RFID tags, reservation systems, everything, right? And so you can take all these kinds of data and they can be their own data set in Insight, or the power is being able to also merge those with other data sets to really see how they work together. Now, these kinds of data have a couple of things in common. First of all, they generate massive amounts of data, rapidly changing data, in fact. And secondly, most of these available tools that are created to analyze large volumes of data, trade-off the breadth and the depth of the analysis with time that it takes to arrive at meaningful business insights. There are tools out there that help us analyze very large volumes of data, but they take a long time to get stuff back. And that's one of the places also that Omniture® Insight shines. As mentioned, it kind of works with SiteCatalyst and Discover together in this Omniture® suite of products to round out the analyze section. So it takes these varying data sources, whether it be web or point-of-sale or a CRM data or call center IVR data or whatever, and moves them through real-time processing and data collection and right to instant results, where you have those in the reports as quick as you could shake a stick at them. And you might be a quick stick-shaker. Say that 10 times fast. But Insight can get that data to you quickly in a very cool interface where you can see some very neat visualizations. So let's take a look at those here. And these are just some samples of the visualizations and the kinds of data that you can get in the Insight interface. So you see here, we have a table visualization with refers, where people come in to get to your site in this case, for example. A line graph, a 3-D process map visualization to see how people are moving between items in your data. That might be between pages on a site. It could be how are they moving between prompts in a call center type situation, etcetera. Also there is a path browser on the top right, so you can see for a given page or for a given call prompt, how do people get there, how do they move out of there afterwards? We have a globe visualization that is very popular, and, of course, you can move in on this, so you can get much more specific data on geographical areas where your visitors or your customers might be located. And then a color legend there at the bottom that helps us understand our exit rates, etcetera. So lots of different kinds of visualizations in the Insight product to help you understand multi-channel information and multi-channel data. As I mentioned, call channel is one of the things that we can do and one of the channels where there is actually a specific solution, Insight for call. So there is Omniture® Insight for call channel analytics, and it helps us understand how people are moving through our prompts in an IVR system. So you can see where they're going and how you can maybe improve the path that people can take in your call center through your call system. There's also a solution for Omniture® Insight for retail. So that you can see, as it says here, market basket analysis, store-to-store comparisons to optimize the product mix and placement. So you can understand which products go in which stores, and how to merchandise those, etcetera. A second bullet point here, you can understand non-performing products, etcetera, and you can understand all of these very quickly, so that you can make decisions on the fly and not have to wait long periods of time to make these changes. So anyway, Insight is a great tool to be able to understand a multi-channel business and your multi-channel analysis. [Adobe]

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In this episode, you will find out what the Adobe Insight product is, and how it can help you.

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