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Loren Carpenter experiment California 1991

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... but in 1991, a leading computer engeneer from California gave a dramatic demonstration he was called Loren Carpenter he invited hundreds of people to a large shed on each seat was a small paddle and in front of them was a giant screen we told them nothing for a while we just left the things on the seats and people would pick this up and said "what's that?" and then somebody noticed there are little read and green dots on the screen and this is red and green so maybe that has something to do with that. "...will be that, ok there I am" and when that happen the room erupted just totally spontaneous we didnt say anything carpenter then began an experiment he projected the earlier computer game Pong. each half of the audience jointly control their bar on their side of their screen if an individual hold up red on their paddle a computer's sensor picked it up and the bar on the screen went down if they hold up green it went up but they have to operate it together when the game is being played and the ball is going back and forth if its down here and its headed that way some people are gonna have to show red to keep it from going all the way to the top if everybody show green it will slide up to the top and the ball will miss so... something happen in that group of people where some decided to show green and some decided to show red to cause it to stop in the right place and we have no idea what did that Carpenter belived what he had created was a model of a society where there was no hierarchy where everyone made their own decisions without guidance yet because they were linked by the machines ultimate came stability and an order so... they all are acting as individuals because each one of them can decide what are they going to do they have total freedom about what they decided to do but there is an order there is an order that emerges that gives them a kind of an amoeba like effect where they search and they play it was kind within the nature of the experiment I WANTED TO SEE IF NO HIERARCHY EXISTED AT ALL WHAT WOULD HAPPEN and what DID HAPPEN? they formed a kind of ... ...a subconscious consensus

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Who needs a leader?

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