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Safe House (2012)

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[clicking] (woman) He was one of the most brilliant CIA operatives we ever had... Until he went rogue. He is responsible for the deaths of multiple agents. This guy's just not going to walk into an American consulate, without good reason. (male voice) So what's new in Capetown? (Weston) I heard a slot opened up. One slot, 37 applicants. Every one of them with more field experience than you. (Weston) How am I supposed to get more experience if I'm staring at 4 walls all day? [phone ringing] This is Weston. (voice on phone) We have a last minute reservation. (Weston) Oh my god. That's Tobin Frost. Kill all the surveilance cameras in this room. Is this legal? Go! Go! Go! (Tobin) Remember rule number 1. You are responsible for your house guest. [rapid gunfire] I'm your house guest. They're here for me, but they want me alive. You, they'll kill. Time's a wastin'. Tick-tock. Tick-tock. Tick-tock. Tick-tock. (Weston) Get in. (Tobin) You serious? (Weston) Yeah. Get in the truck! [Kanye West - No Church in the Wild] ♪ What's a mob to a king? What's a king to a god ♪ The safe house has been compromised. Follow protocol. (Weston) Protocol? There is no protocol for this! ♪ What's a god to a non-believer who don't believe in... ♪ (Weston) He's after us. Why? (Tobin) I think you need to consider how your safe house was attacked in the first place. That house was a secure location. Whoever crashed it, they were invited. ♪ Make it out alive ♪ Someone told them, someone you know. (Weston) You're not going to get in my head. (Tobin) I'm already in your head. ♪ Tears on the mausoleum floor ♪ ♪ Blood stains the colosseum doors ♪ So, they're working together? ♪ Thanksgiving disguised as a feast ♪ I think Weston's turned. (Tobin) I'm not your only enemy tonight. ♪ When we die, the money we can't keep ♪ ♪ We probably spend it all, 'cause the pain ain't cheap You can stay blind, or you can open your eyes. ♪ Wild ♪ ♪ Wild ♪ (Weston) I'm takin' you in. (Tobin) I want you to take me in. [Captions by]

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