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Japanese II Project 3rd Cut

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The Japanese presentation deadline is coming up soon right. Yup, true. We have to write the script don't we? What should we do? For now, lets think of various ideas. Oh, how's this? What is your name? Ben. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. Are you able to describe the criminal? Yes, I can. Well then, as you describe him, I will draw the criminal. The criminal is about 180 cm tall, and is a white male. And... I think he was wearing a grey shirt and black shorts. Yes, please continue. The criminal looked young, and was about 19 years old, I think. His hair was brown and short. His eyes were also probably brown. Ah, he also had a beard. I see. How is this? Ah, that looks just like him. Understood Thank you very much. Thank you very much Hey, wait! The fuck m8? You are under arrest. Wait a second! Why am I the criminal? Watanabe Sensei might not like this idea. Ah, I just thought of a new idea! What's that? Listen and see. Is anyone there? I'm commin in suuuh You've been drinking beer again? Please wake up. Mr. South, please wake up. Bitch, wake up. Ahhh! What the fuck? What have you been doing these days? Nothing Have you already sent out your resumé? Why not? I don't want to. Well then, what do you want to do? When will you look for a job? I don't want to do anything In today's society, if you want to survive, you need to have a job. Like I said, I don't want to do anything. What is this? Give that back. What is this?? What? Get Out! No, no. That is too dark isn't it? I thought of an idea better than yours It's action packed. President Obama! I'll save you! If you want to save Obama, you have to defeat me! If you don't want to die, you better get the fuck out Die Damn, I want to get stronger... This time, I will save Obama. (Falcon Punch) How.... how did you become this strong? Because I love Obama, I became stronger Everyone, please wait a second. Doesn't that have too much action? And Watanabe Sensei will see this movie, and she probably doesn't want to see something like that. Ah, I agree Moreover, in our Japanese class there are 8 girls. Therefore, we need to make a touching movie. For the sake of the women! Well then, Please check out my idea. A smart, male student... found an interesting looking notebook. He had interest in that notebook, so he picked it up. And, Suddenly, A shinigami appeared. Then, Hey Ah!! Monster! Please, don't kill me! Huh? Whatcha talkin bout? Don't worry suh That notebook has special powers dude. Let me explain The name of the person that is written in this notebook will... Die That is no good! Bith wha? The same anime already exists nigger What, really?! Yea, it's called Death Note. Why don't you come up with a new and original idea huh? How's this idea? Yea, lets do it! Well then, let us begin our project.

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Japanese II Project 3rd Cut

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