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10x10: Educate Girls, Change the World

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''If I wrote a book about my life, I'd call it 'Lucky Girl Who Can Read'.'' Merina, 15 ''I said to my mother: you gave birth to your sons and you gave birth to me. Why discriminate? We are equals and I deserve the same opportunities.'' Suma, 18. Sold at age 6. Rescued at 12. ''We must educate mothers because they are our first teachers.'' Pabitra, 15 When asked: Where would you go if you could get on an airplane and fly anywhere in the world? ''I would take a flight to education.'' Asha, 18. Escaped from slavery at age 15. ''When you educate a girl, you educate the entire family.'' Alona, 17. ''If you don't read, you might as well be blind. My favorite books are stories... ...about Mother Teresa, Helen Keller, and Florence Nightingale.'' Prem, 17. ''I've never used a computer. I saw one once. But my dream is to one day work with a computer. They can teach you about life and places far away.'' Sita, 15. Freed at age 12 Sita, 20. Describing her last night at home before being sold as an indentured servant: ''I was supposed to take my final exams, but instead my mom held me in her arms and we cried through the night.'' Life skills classes gave Anisha, 16, the confidence to ask the interviewers questions like: ''Can you give me examples of how your previous films have helped change the world?'' ''Can you explain the similarities and differences between the girls you have met in Nepal and the girls you have met in other countries?'' ''Life without an education is like a book with blank pieces of paper.'' Purima, 15

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Team: Girl Rising
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Producer: Martha Adams, Tom Yellin, Richard Robbins
Director: Richard E. Robbins
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Posted by: girlrising on Jan 30, 2014

Girls from around the world express why an education should be a right for every girl around the world.

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