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Sung Bum Lee - Appropriate technology

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Duration: 10 minutes and 26 seconds
Year: 2010
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Producer: TEDxSeoul
Director: TEDxSeoul
Views: 362
Posted by: tedxseoul on Sep 14, 2010

Sung Bum Lee - External Cooperation Team Manager, Good Neighbors.
Appropriate technology starts from the belief that technology is about people, for the people and by the people. Ideas are latent in people's lives, between opaque lines. Seong Bum always ponders about the importance of ortance of teaching people how to fish rather than directly providing fish, as stated by the well-known proverb. Technology that is not useful to our community anymore can be necessary to another community. This happens a lot. Social needs very often ignite the power of a technology that once went out of fashion.

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