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Zaragoza, Spain (2)

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From religion to retail Zaragoza has all kinds of markets open on Sundays. This, an artisans market, a painters market, a real flea market and this is my favourite, right in the heart of the city, in the shadow of the cathedral, in "Plaza San Bruno". Time to refuel and if you haven't discovered the joys of "churros y chocolate", Well, you've got a treat in store here at the "Churrería La Fama". Basically "churros" or medium doughnuts. They are dusted in sugar and then dipped in hot, thick, sweet chocolate. One thing I can't understand how can they stay so slim? But if you prefer a more refined brunch, then sip your "café con leche" here in the 200 year-old surroundings of the "Gran Café". Time to walk off those tasty calories with the riverside stroll to the site of Expo 2008, on the peninsula called "Las Ranillas". Which means "little frogs". The best way to get an overall impression of Expo 2008 is this excellent model and the guidance of Miriam Serra. Miriam, what on earth was here before? Well, in fact, there was nothing, just farmland, but there were no buildings at all. And what for you are the highlights? Well I will highlight the Water Tower, because it is one of the most emblematic and spectacular pavilion. It has the shape of a drop of water and inside you have the sensation of the water in the senses. Another one is the Spain Pavilion which is the most ecological pavilion in this Expo. It uses a natural system for the climatisation of the pavilion. It's easy to be overwhelmed by all the Expo facts, so I'm gonna do it by numbers, to make it easy for you... and me. One single drop of water is the official mascot. Two billion pounds is the amount of money they spent on it. 3 a.m. is when it's gonna close every night. Four years, or slightly less, from conception to completion. And five rivers celebrated in the River Aquarium. They are of course, the Amazon, the Mekong, the Nile, the Darling and the Ebro, which is just over there. And the Expo even boasts a song by a very famous name. "This is Bob Dylan and I'm proud to be part of the mission to make water safe and clean for every human being living in this world." From the future to the past, this is a city of surprises, and in 1972, the citizens themselves were amazed when they wanted to build a bank here. They dived down beneath the Christian city, the Jewish quarter, the Muslim medina and found this, a 1st century Roman theatre. Zaragoza was a very important Roman city. It was founded by César Augusto. for that we have this name César Augusta, Zaragoza. Ah, so Cesar Augustus to Zaragoza. "Yeah." "I see." "Here in the city you can find four Roman museums, theatre, public baths, river port and the forum. You know, I should be on the stage. Gosh! It leaves in half an hour! "Delicias". What a delicious name for a railway station! This is a 21st century transportation whereabouts for northern Spain ... half way between Madrid and Barcelona, Bilbao and Valencia. But Zaragoza is so much more than just a crossroads. The city is steeped in art and architecture, packed with places to eat and drink and it's been revitalized wonderfully. Why not let the city do the same to you?

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Posted by: bontips on Sep 18, 2009

Simon Calder visits Zaragoza, Spain for 48 hours (part 2)

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