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Adyashanti - Heads and Tails

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global oneness project Heads and Tails I think to find where the love is or where the hope is, we have to see that the things we do to make things better are often motivated by fear. Adyashanti San Jose, California Spiritual Teacher The fear of destroying the planet, that's very true, and if we are addressing that truth from a standpoint of fear, then fear has won the day. Say we don't like a particular political system, if we are motivated by fear then we're still operating within the same old state of consciousness. We've just sort of switched allegiance. Instead of being a destroyer of the world, now we're a savior of the world. But if we are a savior of the world that's motivated by fear, then we're actually in the same consciousness. It's just heads and tails on a coin. Everybody always feels like they are doing the right thing, don't they? No matter what side they are on, they always think that its the best thing. The interesting thing about fear, is when you really go through fear, instead of trying to manage fear, the other face of fear is love. They're not actually different things, just heads and tails on the same coin. When we actually start to confront and meet fear itself, that's when we start to come into love. Love always arises from that sense of unity of what we really actually are. From the experience of unity, rather than the idea of unity, because the idea of unity will keep producing fear. The idea that we are all one...its a nice idea isn't it. We're all one and we're destroying ourselves and we have to do something about it. You can feel the fear in it, as the idea of oneness. But the experience of oneness, the feeling of realizing it is the absence of fear. We are also afraid to be without fear. If I wasn't afraid about what would happen to the world if we don't do something, if I wasn't afraid about what might happen to humanity, then I wouldn't have any motivation to do anything. I might just sit in my rocking chair and say that its all spirit and its all fine. There's a fear of not having fear. That's how much as a species we talk about love, but we really don't trust it much.

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Posted by: global on Oct 7, 2008

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