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Caravanas ciudadanas por la reconstrucción recorrieron provincias afectadas por el terremoto de Ica

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Almost two years later, a large number of people from Pisco and Chincha affected by the earthquake expressed their discomfort due to the slow reconstruction of their cities they questioned the misapplication of housing funds and the lack of property deeds Chincha's main square,was the first stop of the civil caravan that travels along the cities which were affected by the earthquake on 2007 in order to get acquainted with people's corcerns Victims questioned negligence on housing bonus supply "why only SOME people have received their bonus?!" "what is the problem?!" "what's happening there? We all have our papers!" The victims of 2007 earthquake requested the president to apply the law of expropriation in order to access the housing programs developed by the State They also complaint about local authorities "If you could give a grade to Chincha authorities, from 0 to 20..." "what would you give them?" "Zero" "Chincha is all the same. Look around." The next stop for the Civil Caravan in pursuit of reconstruction was Pisco Main Square. High authorities in charge of the reconstruction progress have become increasingly corrupt This is something that natives have noticed and worry about. "Central government IS guilty" "Central government is guilty and I say it this openly..." "Two, three Government Ministers had been here..." "A forth minister came..." "...but up to this day, all are only promises." Victims have various complaints. Many agreed on the urgency to obtain their property deeds but with an extra element - to let the victims take part on the reconstruction of their houses, in order to work together with local and regional authorities. ♪ "...all i have, yet you are always on my mind..."♪

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Posted by: mari_soleil on Aug 16, 2009

Civil caravans in pursuit of reconstruction, traveled across affected provinces by Ica's earthquake

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