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Verde la TEATRU editia 2

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This year the festival "Verde la teatru" is about us. It's about us, about them, about young people in general and about how are they doing great things for the community, volunteering or somehow else. It is a festival about the good vibe and the joy that youngers spread, about their talents, about their stories, about how we take a break to bring great things for the community. It is about how we do it with pleasure without asking anything in exchange but applause. And to proove that we can do quality things. What is happening is about us, about you, about everybody, and it is happening to be Focșani, to be theatre, music and movie, people, energy and joy, but... Oh, my God, so much work to be done... 21st-25th of August, the festival "Verde la teatru" Hm... Sounds interesting! Why do we still need the theatre if we naturally play some roles? Especially because the theatre represent a reflection of the society, a reflection that shows the society exactly how it is, or sketches it, and allows us to understand its imperfections. I can't jump, hug people or dance how I want, because I am so tall and I felt like this thing is somehow restricting me... And the only thing that helped me to get over this stupid thought was the theatre. I don't know how, but it helps... And it pushes you to these things, to freedom. This festival is about us, about the young ones, about the fact that we are able to break us for showing you how we are, being conscious about these things, about the fact that we are vulnerable taking all the risks, about the fact that time shouldn't make the difference between people, so the age won't be a landmark in restricting limits. What older people can do won't intimidate us. This is the reason why we organize this event, to show that values and courage are the ones that make the difference, not the time... Not in our case. And here we are... For "Verde la teatru". When a group of people succeed to help the community and promote the theatre among the youngers you are simply happy and enjoy even more when you see people smiling. I don't know what I would have done if I wouldn't have met these people with whom I succeeded to do the second edition of this festival. So this kind of art is just a way to show who we are. We put our heart and soul in everything we do. This festival is about us, the youngers, about initiative and theatre. Directed by Gabriel Sandovici and Daniel Gârleanu

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Posted by: iuliap on Oct 27, 2016

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