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Jamila Jad - Beirut, Lebanon - Arabic (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~15:40:32 - 15:56:47

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Don't even think of going out Jamila. On the bed... Come on! There is a bag on the table. Bring me a small spoon. Go now and wash up for prayers. This? Yes! Jamila, go and wash up so you may be ready to pray at the calling-for-prayers. Ok. That's it! Wash up. Get on now. Mom, what happens if I eat after I wash up for prayers? You mean, if you have something in your mouth? It's better not to eat after you you've washed up. I will get you the praying mat so you will be ready. So if I eat... What happens? You shouldn't do that. But it would then be enough to just rinse your mouth. That's all. Do you know where's the praying mat? I'll get you a clean towel to pray on. I'll look for the praying mat.Your hair is exposed. I know. ♪ My name is Hata. My name is Assad, what is my name? When you hear the call for prayer, go and pray. Mom, I'm hungry. Yes sweety! Food is almost ready. When is it going to be ready? In a litlle while. What comforts you, comforts me. You are very welcome! But where is Mr. Khalil's office? You are very welcome any time. Just tell me what you need and I will be happy to oblige. Frankly, I would like to look around the village, and I need someone to accompany me. I'll do that. I'll make myself free and come with you wherever you want to go. Assad, Assad, Mr. Assad! Yes! Whenever he sees ladies, he shows up here. Yes? Sir, we were sitting here and suddenly someone showed up. No problem. That's all your fault, your fault... You worm! Damn you woman! It's all your fault, all your fault! You shouldn't go out on an empty stomach. You should have some breakfast. Darling, you shouldn't leave on an empty stomach. The next time I will go as I wish. If I want to have breakfast or not, that's my business, not yours. May you go blind! I'll show you the whole area. I know it inch by inch, and meter by meter. That's normal. No problem. My dear Assad, you've got work to do. I'll take the time to accompany the young lady. But this will not affect your Baccalaureate studies? No, that won't affect my studies. Please rest for a while. Assad, go get me two eggs so I can make your lunch. Alright. Miss, how would you like to see our bulldozer? Good day Mayor Nabih! Good to see you. Come in. I just need to understand something now, are you the mayor or aren't you? What is this nonsense now? You should live up to your status and title. You shouldn't allow others to take advantage of you. Do you think it's proper that a guest visits the village and goes directly to Assad's house without visiting you first? You are our Mayor and our senior. Do you find this proper behaviour? It's just unacceptable. No one can mess up with me. That's the way Mayor! That's the way! Goodbye! Look at the TV. I wonder why you look older than your age. You've had your share in your life, right? I still didn't get my Baccalaureate. You mean, you haven't passed it yet? I've sat for it about ten times. But each time I end up repeating it. Too bad! Really, that is too bad! I'd like to see my grandfather's grave. Your grandfather's grave? It's all your fault! What's this to you anyway, huh? Is this a camera? A movie? Let me take pictures with this camera. Which year? I am doing my Masters. A Masters degree? I'd like to introduce you to Miss Huda Sharaka. She is originally from our village. Did you know that Abdulla was in my class? My dad was in your class? Oh heavens! I forgot. It's a mix up. What's the problem? The important thing now, is that we want to know where her grandfather's grave is, the father of Abdullah Sharaka. The truth is that I don't know. But listen, the mayor might be able to show you her grandfather's grave. Would you like us to stop by his office in our way? Sure! Where will you end up if you stray away from cultural traditions and moral codes? Mom! Come and see what Ahmed is doing. She chose us on her own. We didn't say anything to her. Shut up, please! When I see the Mayor, I'll have a word with him. Because he is a government official and he knows better. I'll take her to our house so she can spend some time with Afaf. On the one hand, they get to pass time together as girls do and on the other hand, it's the right way to welcome guests. Assad, Assad! Good day! Welcome! We heard that you have guests. She claims that she's here to find her grandfather's grave. She's come from the ends of the world... to see the grave of her grandfather. I don't believe her. Afaf, where are you going? Where could I? You Afaf, come back! I swear if your brother knew, he will beat up the both of us. Assad is a decent man. I trust him more than myself. But what is right is right. When a stranger comes to the village, the first thing he ought do is to visit the senior of the village. And that is me. Mr. Assad and Mr. Eskander. Assad. In regard to your grandfather, may his soul rest in peace, I don't know him. If you want to ask me where his grave is, I can only tell you that I really don't know. I must inquire. You play the lawyer and we go along with you. And you look down on us. But now it has become clear that you are a liar, a crook, and a fraud! Shut your mouth! The government poses the questions and the people answer. And if the people don't have an answer then they shut their mouths. Okay, I will shut up. I work for the government and I want to know.

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Duration: 16 minutes and 14 seconds
Country: Lebanon
Language: Arabic
Producer: GL Lebanon
Director: Irene Herrera/Ron Carr
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Posted by: glplebanon on Jun 16, 2009

Jamila at home.

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