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Liberland TV24 Interview - Al Sharq Istanbul

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This news is very interesting. It is about Liberland. What is the Liberland? There is a unclaimed soil between Croatia and Serbia These two countries accepted as buffer zone And someone has owned this location, his name is Vit Jedlicka Declared a country called Liberland, He declared independence then many citizenship application has come Vit Jedlicka was in Istanbul yesterday He joined the Al Sharq conference and he was interviewed by TV 24. Vit Jedlicka is a politician and activist in Czech republic He set up a country between Croatia and Serbia He came to in Istanbul to introduced the Free Republic of Liberland He introduced his own Country at the Al Sharq Conference That region is on the banks of the Danube river and no-one claimed it since 1990 when Yugoslavia collapsed Vit Jedlicka declared its own country on this 7 km area. Then he started recieving citizenship application More than 450.000 people applied for a citizenship all over the world. also 55.000 people applied from Turkey Jedlicka talked about pledges of Liberland with TV 24 as private interview What I would suggest is just more freedom! and I think it is a main topic of Liberland from the very beginning we would like to make sure that people can have a place on this planet where they can truly enjoy freedom all the way We have some competition, places like Singapore, places like Hong Kong places like Lichtenstein but we want to be the leaders Jedlicka said you can apply for a Citizenship on the internet He invited people to be interested about Liberland He delivered a good news about opening of a honorary consulate in Istanbul / Levent for those who cannot go to Liberland It would be much easier to talk to us because we will have permanent office here from next week on. But thats the important thing. It is not only about applying It is also about doing something for the country that you are applying to Vit Jedlicka said; it will not be necessary to pay tax He told; many architects have got projects for Liberland trade and shopping will be only on the internet so what about official language? We have got liberlandish It is the most common type of language spoken on this planet I guess I am speaking it right now it is mostly english but not all the way

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Vit Jedicka - Liberland

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