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Decoding the Mind part1

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supposedly with a high probability, we are carrying some kind of conditioning or condemning ourselves Cause, in this way or another society told us we are not good enough that we need to become somebody we need to become we need to achieve, we need to reach there is expectations from us. We know a life of ambitions and achievements. Supposedly we are as a result of that very dependent on , not very - -- some kind of dependency, on confirmation from the other that we'll get approved from them, a smile, a flatter, a good word, compliment because, before we know who we are, what we know is what others think of us, this is our orientaion point to know ourselves just like you got irritated because, I don't know if it's just towards you but- irritation from the other, and so because we are searching for confirmation and for approval, which is the root of the unconscious in you that is guilt feeling, is rooted in the unconscious and so, when we are socializing or interacting, connecting and so on, we are acting through this pattern We are holding back or we are pretending or we are losing our natural flow to share our being We are on some kind of control We are protecting a certain image because we want to manipulate the response that will come, that it will be a positive, that we will get the right compliment, or the right word, cause Osho said that we are became our ego, makes us the junkyard of other people's opinion about us and usually we are carrying this guilt trip or this dependency need for approval and with the flow of life and the pattern we are not stopping to confront it, to check it, we just act from it Our energies go into, our intelligence is going on how to manipulate the other so he will give us this or how to disguise ourselves better or how to control, how to be more cunning, how to maintain the mask that we are wearing by going inwards, by doing shift in our attitude towards our self rather than constantly maintaining a certain image or pretension, we are using the same energy, the same intelligence to challenge it to check, if we are really dependent on this approval if, if we are really guilty of something, rather than reacting from this pattern, rather than carrying this burden We need to decode it, what is it made of It's an energy that is there but we don't bother to open it, to dissect it, look at , I told you There is a process in life First, you break , first you destroy it, this is what we are doing here also look, first in your cycle we released, emotional, physical toxins, emotional toxins. mentalities first we destroy first we release so there will be space for the fresh to enter and we cannot to build our freedom on hope or wish that it, we"ll get lucky we have to understand our minds, to understand it totally to be present, rather than to be a reactionist that we have to dictate to be a presence of freedom and for this our observation within us, has to look at every corner of our mind not one stone should be left unturned to see what hides under it

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Posted by: narottam on Aug 21, 2011

The process of decoding the mind is the essence of the work of the silence retreats in PachaMama, Costa Rica. Meditation is becoming a sword cutting through all illusions of the self.

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