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The Ten Commandments

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All hail the great and mighty Matilda! Let me put this handle on here a little bit more. There we go. Wow. I can't believe we made this! This is amazing! It's the best mug there ever was. You can't even drink out of it! It's just so wonderful! Praise this mug! Oh, yes! Oh, man! (laughter) The stony feeling of it! It's just amazing. Do not ever drink out of this... Ow! Oh my (bleep)! Hey, you want to go to church today? No, cause you remember that party? Well, we can skip the party and go to church! But we were like, we were invited to the party and stuff, so I think we should go to the party. Ok. ♫♪ Hi! This chocolate, you cannot eat it until after dinner. But we want it now! After dinner. Ok, mom (chorus of voices). Bye, mom! **Clips switched, in wrong order** Have you ever wanted to feel a piece of the Ten Commandments? Now, you have the opportunity to do so! The Bible Rocks Co. has discovered the original Ten Commandments stone tablets! For only $199.99 you can own this rock! Own a piece of biblical history today by going to and ordering them now. *fake website Happy shopping! I have to take this call, don't go anywhere, ok? Ok. Come here! Wanna go find my puppy with me? Yeah? Ok, come on. Kinley, honey! Kinley? Kinley! Have you seen my daughter? No, ma'am! Have you seen my daughter? This small? Yes! Where? She went that way. Kinley, honey! Come here! Kinley, come here, honey! No, no no! (fake gun shots) (indistinct talking) See you later! I want this one! Then get it! But it's $1.79! I have a dollar! Ellie! It's fine! Just come on, it's fine, it's fine. Did you do the assignment? Uh, no! Me, neither. I didn't have time at all. Did you do your Bible assignment? Yes, of course! We always do our assignments. Here, your zipper came unzipped like everywhere. It's really cute, though. Thanks, I got it for like $20 bucks at Target! I wish I had that bag. I'm going to go get it! No, no! Don't just take it! I'll just go look at it. What are you looking for? Oh, I'm just looking at your backpack. Oh, ok. Uh, why are you opening it up?

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Posted by: isabellasrc on May 13, 2018

Isabella, Kiki, Mia and Ellie's Bible Project 2017-2018

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