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EKU Recreation Department Promo

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Instrumental music We have kind of a trail system through here Which is just basically cut areas they Didn’t let grow back So, we are going to follow the trails, but we don’t have to be limited to the trails. So if you see something and you like... I’m an assistant professor in the Recreation and Park Administration My focus is primarily natural resource recreation management. Basically my interests are in conservation and Park management People that come into our Program, I want them to be ready to work in State Parks, National Parks, Rangers, Interpreters, Conservation Officers and more. I think it is important for our students to know the impact recreation has on quality of life How it can be used to change lives. It is such a diverse field students can work at Parks at the National level. I think the Recreation Department has an excellent program to train young adults in the field of recreation. My name is Jamie Cook I’m a conservation educator with the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife at the Salato Wildlife Education Center. I get lots of cool opportunities to talk to the general public, young adults and kids about nature, hunting, fishing, the great outdoors and about what conservation does in North America. Recreation Matters! My name is Jon McChesney, I’m the department chair. We are a career that adds satisfaction to peoples lives, changes lives, it enriches lives. We make a difference! Recreation matters for an individual because we deliver quality of life. It is a pleasure to be in this department and serve our students, serve our community and the agencies we work with. Our program is really for anyone across the board it affords opportunity we are an administration degree. Whenever you receive your degree from Eastern Kentucky University, you are then going to have the opportunity to work in a variety of areas. If you want to Interact with people If you want to be a productive member of the community, then recreation is a good place to be. The Department of Recreation and Park Administration at Eastern Kentucky University is all about preparing students for future careers. Careers that make a difference in this world! Instrumental music

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Posted by: graceis4all on Oct 28, 2014

EKU Parks and Recreation Administration student recruitment video

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