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I am Prepared to Talk with any God Conscious Man - Prabhupada 0573

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Prabhupāda: Now I have written one letter to Pope. You have seen that? Where is that paper? Hayagrīva: It's in here. Journalist: Oh, a letter to the Pope. Did he answer it? Prabhupāda: No, I have not received any answer. Is it in this paper? No, not in this paper. Where is the latest? Who is there? Ask to bring one latest. Bring one latest, yes. So we just that letter, but unfortunately, I have received no reply. How is that? [break...] Prabhupāda: I wish to cooperate with everyone, but they are declining. What can I do? I am prepared to talk with any God conscious man. Let us chalk out a program so that people may be benefited, but they want to go in their own stereotyped way. If we see that following a particular type of religious principle one is developing his love of Godhead, that is first-class religion. But if one is developing his love for demon or mammon then where is the religion? Journalist: True. Prabhupāda: (laughs) You see. That is our test. If you have developed... We don't say that you follow Christianism or Muhammadanism or Jewism or Hinduism - we don't say. Whether you are developing your love of Godhead. But they deny, "Oh, I am God. Who is God? I am God." You see? Everyone is taught nowadays that everyone is God. Just see how fun. Everyone is God. Do you think like that? Journalist: You know from Meher Baba? Prabhupāda: He is also another rascal. He is preaching this that everyone is God. Journalist: He says he's God. Prabhupāda: He's God. Just see. This is going on. Journalist: Do you know him? Prabhupāda: I have heard his name. I don't care to know these people. He's making some propaganda he's God. Journalist: He says he hasn't spoken in forty years, forty-five years. Prabhupāda: That means people do not know what is God. Suppose if I come to you, if I say I am President Johnson, will you accept me? Journalist: No (laughing) I don't think I would. Prabhupāda: But these people, rascals, will accept him as God because they do not know what is God. That is the defect. We know what is God, therefore we cannot accept any rascal declaring that he's God. That is the difference. Journalist: Well it's just absolutely absurd that somebody comes out and tells you he's God. Prabhupāda: But how much rascal he is who accepts him as God. He's rascal number one. He is a cheater and the man who is cheated he is also another rascal. He does not know what is God. Anybody comes as God, as God has become so cheap it can be available in the market, everywhere. Journalist: Well of course the western concept that man is created in the image of God, consequently God must look like man kind of thing, therefore any man can be God. Prabhupāda: That's all right. You have got so many scientists. Just find out what is the image of God, whether His form is not... Where is that department? You have no such department. You have got so many department, technology department, this department. Where is that department, what is God to know? Is there any department of knowledge? Journalist: I don't know if... There's no God department working tonight I'll tell you that right now. Prabhupāda: That is the difficulty. And here is, here is the Kṛṣṇa conscious movement is the department of knowledge how to know God. Then you'll not accept any rascal as God, you'll accept only God as God. (end)

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Country: United States
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Posted by: vanimedia on Feb 5, 2014

Prabhupada speaks during a Press Interview part 14 in Los Angeles on December 30, 1968

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