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Jacque Fresco - Control, Language, and Relationships (1977)

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All right. Now then you're saying that people would not be familiar to humiliate with other people. Like what you are telling me. Nothing them a lot of i think that Is that usual problem for... That problem? Problem solving are pretty much like that. And you are asking that position of the value system. I don't know, i think all the problems are there, that's why i talk about the computer managed society, you wouldn't answer any problem which isn't there. I can tell that can you, if you... I might answer you by borrowing 10 dollars, and i would say, look, we are on wednesday, and the bank is closed, what you would prefer... I might explain myself, i don't like it, and i don't like perhaps to ask that question. So, we have that problem, this isn't true what i'm saying. I'm just saying that people have problems like that, and the reexamination of humility, the examination of right. What is right? I think that the anybody know the definition of right? What is it? I mean the form of it. Anybody know? Still working well with somebody else in average sample... Right. And when you drafted to the army, what happens there? Unfortunately, i did not had much grass. When a guy comes down out of an airplane, when a suitcase fall on a clock, you know what i mean? And then you say, open that case. And you say no, it is against my will. And this case, he paid for the part, it's his property. But you are afraid of what he might do with it. And you get paid for what he might do with it. And so, it is your job, you get the guy, you open the case, and get what his will. But if you don't find anything in it, what you say is i'm sorry. But you said you missed the bus, you know? I used to go in that, you say okay, you are on your own... And as the point is, you always, in many of the ways you get another person as well. And what i was saying is that we are going to have to redefine... This was tedious logical i will i would tell you know... I would say that, what about verbal status, from who astonish people verbally. I see, just to unlock? Yes, but the point is, that they are not arrested. There are people that make the lifes of others miserable. I wouldn't say blackmail, but in a (?), you know people like that? And they are driving over people. And the rapist is just a kind of long side effect. I'm just saying that i just want forbid into culture, and start in another time, in another place, with a different set. And so as you look out of the window from our culture, we say the unfortunate past is out there, and your problems were solved by clubs and (?), instruments and (?) all the people, and prisons. A prison to me, putting a guy in jail for 20 years, but the (?) is a bad deal, it's a bad cruel deal, inflicted by society by the values of a society upon a person. I'm not excusing the rappers or society. I'm just said that not the pick on the whole areas, and when my sister, or my wife, or best girlfriend was raped by another person, i feel if i was raped by somebody, i really was being raped. I have being raped by a guy, yes. I mean that there are more people around that. Me, no. That was ripping my ass when i was 9 years old, and he was fighting to get in, do you know what i mean? Okay. Now. But he didn't? No, but that doesn't make any difference. The point... If he got into, he would get injuried. Really? The guy (?) very young this, the guy don't believe in god, and the ten commandments, and rips their mind. And then you put them in the jail. You just picking on a fragment against society. But you know, you kind of... over that... I just want to try to look at these things, maybe in a different way. Just bring it off, and make them who can talk about. I am not saying that the rapists are (?) to go free. I'm not saying that to anybody that wanted to go free. This is not what to do in order to see the society that tries to examine the background of the person, as you know that person are upon certain conditions, and be more effective for society to have that kind of behaviour phased out, without burning the guy. As we always have work on the problem, you know what i mean? Work on the problem. And as you came here with coffee, music, you're affecting other people, but i would not say that victim that you can't control your sneeze, no other guy control this (?). I don't know you think you can, but you can't. This decision making system is made upon nobody is relevant on our desire, a police officer came on and tell me a particular story about rapes, he said that about evolved 23 or 24 woman was raped about, and she was on the grass and the policeman was aproached, and somebody called for help, they approached, and the guy still making woman, and she was screening and watching, and he says, the guy says to the police, wait until i come. Wait. Now, you know, now the normal person hangs a sign over, do not disturb. You see? Okay. Not to do anything, come in and admit, or that they have, and whatever you have programmed there. But the guy, when you see the guy is close to an orgasm, and see whatever warning, and interrupt. Interrupt me, put me in jail, and try account. And that is not reasonable, that is not a reason to this guy in set. I'm not saying that policeman say back and wait, i'm not saying that either. I was just saying that is a sad story, that is all the whole fucking thing is a sad story. This is what i have to say, you know. Now, there are any other fight back, which is all right, if you met, you don't think that rape is equal to people packaging drugs, or whatever that would be useless, or doctors giving you treatments that you really don't need, or a lot of doctors, what percent of doctors that you think, pass their bills, and people are (?) there. What do you think, what percent you think that is? I would say... How many operations that are done are not necessary, does anybody know? About 40%? 70%. 75. Now wait, now, when you pick up the records store. I'm just putting a chain around anybody, and closing the system down. Then the whole idea is i just don't see why pick, because we are conditioned to pick on the poor, rather than the individual that have being injured by the society. By some aspects of society. Yes. What is your previous assumption of... ... that said about that, because it's immediately this why fellows under person, instead of over sun over, you know, during a period of time. But you believe this guy? As i walk down the street, the whole society has an immediate part of eyes, i don't really believe that. Yes i do. Everything is viable. Okay. Now how you can do that? The whole thing at this time, like is that somebody individual, i kind of tight myself. I tired. That some people can not project theyself. I know that. So, i think that all people want it. They don't know. That was right now. Insurance free for everybody in this room going out, and everybody lawyer, and that is out. This was what i would say, i don't care. I want to say that, in the average, at all. And you would go to education regulation. Yes. Most people may take courses on that, because they miss probability. But they feel also that other people get raped, not me. And now the idea is that all people that can do, they coming with the gun, and they take what you got, then they kidnap you, because they don't want to you identify them. And they kill you because society says if you go ahead you would go to jail. So the guy kill. Society forces him to kill. By the value they put on, in fact, that somebody can walk on a special identification area, and looks for a boat, and say that is the guy. Now, the guy takes 3 guys, take out 4 little girls, and they screwed them. Or 10 girls, they raped them. Now, they no longer the girls, evetualy they could identify, so they shoot them, because they would spend years in jail. So, the structure of society in this, would be shooting. But, and there are other things society does that generates, generates, the guy will give money if you come and say i'm hungry, i would work, they wouldn't work, they are conditioned not to work. You work and you don't mind, give me your money, on something, and all of it. Now, if the guy usually doesn't handle it over. That was another case i read about by that could (?) and putting a value on. This damages the government supply and the (?) supply service. They supply build devils. And this guy came in, and with his gun said he wanted all the (?) i want it fast. This was a combination of 6, 9, 4, 3, 8, you don't know why the machine, i would assure you to take all the (?) around. And he says it would be pricey, and he said hey what is this gun all over the (?). So the guy, the guy said all of that off channels 24 times on the head, and the other guy (?) portion. Meet this, took a chance, you see, and say look, take anything you want, when the guy were around. And when he got down, he got shot. Many, many times put the guys head off. Now, i think that is the whole case around, all over the place. And then the thing, you know, if i was the...

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A clip from Jacque Fresco's Classic Lecture Series (1e.) "Control, Language, and Relationships" - April 4, 1977

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