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Topic- Phase 1 Project Assessment and Organization (Source) (1)

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The town planning firm of Dover, Kohl & Partners is about to the NCI Charrette system to work in East Fort Myers. The NCI Charrette System allows people to create their sustainable community plans together. It begins with Charrette Preparation, followed by the Multi-Day Charrette, and finally, Implementation: putting the plan into place. The Charrette Preparation phase is perhaps the most important part of the process. It can take from six weeks to nine months before the charrette and includes a rigorous project assessment, stakeholder education, base data research, and charrette logistics. This helps to ensure that the right information and the right people are available for a successful outcome. The charrette begins with a brain trust of experts joining the designers. Including economists, planning consultants, environmental pros, and transportation experts. This intense period is one in which we bring together all kinds of information and people with expertise and the public and authorities and decision makers. And we put them all into the mix and work it out together. The design team scrambles to get ready for the evening's kick-off meeting with the public. City Manager, William Mitchell, pays the charrette team an early visit. He knows the stakes are high. I don't want it to be a waste of time. I want for something of value; something of usefulness to come from this charrette. At the kick-off that evening, the team talks about the upcoming design workshop and how neighbors can have a hand in creating a new and improved place to live and work. We have our eye on the long-term horizon and we have our eyes on things we can do right away. But the people of East Fort Myers are jaded by empty promises of the past. Are half of you being paid to be here? Who's here in an unofficial capacity just as a concerned citizen? All we need is things actually done and somebody held accountable. The truth is, if you all don't believe in the plan, it won't get implemented. The best plans are made by many hands. The best accountability process you can implement is the one where you are with us as we go.

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Topic- Phase 1 Project Assessment and Organization (Source) (1)

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