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Coaching Circles Overview

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[Institute for Integrative Nutrition] Welcome to IIN! This video covers all the key information regarding your Coaching Circle sessions. Coaching Circle sessions are group calls that are led by a successful Health Coach. On these calls you will talk about health and business goals, and you'll connect with classmates all over the world. You will also cover topics such as Health Histories, target markets, goal setting, and the circle of life. Coaching Circles offer a close community and the opportunity to learn about yourself and your business. You will also gain knowledge about how to coach over the phone and conduct group coaching sessions. You will have 12 sessions over the course of your program. You are required to attend at least six out of your 12 sessions. Please call on time! If you are 15 minutes late or jump off the call more than 15 minutes early, you will be marked as absent. Under no circumstances can these sessions be rescheduled. If you are not able to make a session, please email your coach ahead of time, but you will still be marked as absent. Please know that joining another call will not count towards your attendance. Don't forget: You can miss up to six sessions, but you must attend six out of 12. We recommend that you mark these sessions in your personal calendar. If your schedule changes during the course of the program, please email [email protected] We will allow a one-time exception and change the time of your remaining scheduled calls. To get started, choose your Coaching Circle by signing into your Student Dashboard. Your coach is an IIN grad and successful Health Coach in the field of wellness. You will receive a Welcome email from your coach. Your coach will introduce him- or herself and provide you with your conference call dial-in number and the link to your Coaching Circle Facebook group. In this Facebook group you can connect with your Coaching Circle classmates. This is also a great place to ask your coach and fellow Coaching Circle students questions. Your coach is here to support you and your classmates with health and business goals. If you have questions related to tuition payments, technical issues, or graduation requirements, please go to the Help Center. Your coach will not be able to answer those types of questions. If you live outside of the U.S., please visit your Help Center for a special dial-in number to get your international call. There will be a local number and an access code listed on your Student Dashboard. For more information on this, please go to the Help Center. To come prepared for your sessions, please have some questions ready for the call. Check out the Help Center and the Coaching Circle section of your OEF for any additional questions. Finally remember your Coaching Circle calls are an integral part of your program, and we encourage you to make the most of them. Enjoy connecting! [Institute for Integrative Nutrition]

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