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CV 2 Love

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Hello everyone, right now we have Juan Suarez of the Cancun staff with us. Today he is going to share with us some stories, some examples of what it's like loving others like Jesus does. Juan, thanks for sharing with us. Tell me how it is to love like Jesus. What do you think when you think about this? For me, I love Jesus for that, He was someone who did, like those action steps - He always took them. He went to the people, and above all to love someone like Jesus did, that love provokes letting the best of the other come out. It is as if you had a spot light and your best you put it towards someone, how you want to see him, how to improve, you want to see him with his talents, as the best. It may be alright it doesn't matter how you are And how important it is your way with God, connecting with God to love others like Jesus. If the truth is that, I realize that because people can say: ah Juan well it is that He is always good and He is always like that But really I realize when I need to fill me again with love. Because sometimes I feel less patient with less of this, with less of that, and literally is that, like your cell phone, is to connect. I know that something is not in agreement to the way Jesus would then I go and connect. Because if not, I'm going to turn off. It is part of the sustainability of us, right? As a team but individually by the way. The example that really impacted my heart was working with Back2Back with a guy from Tres Reyes. I remember I spent my first days, weeks maybe, just going to connect with them. I wanted to talk with them, play with them, and everything like that. But there was a boy in particular. That was nothing Todd, really nothing I was looking for it at the time of sport and nothing seriously, I couldn't talk to him. At the time of eating nothing When you arrive, when you leave, nothing like that But I realized there was something in him like, i needed to get there So I started to put my full attention on him. I started talking more with him to take advantage of the music with that. And the impact that to me I'm glad, and it made me just like .. like me encouraged me quite a bit. It was that the people, like psychologists, teachers, her mom they began to notice a difference as a result of that, as a result of beginning to be more intentional with him to no longer focus as even in the ones I got along well, which was the easiest for me, to arrive and talk with everyone like that. but I like that pum with him, with whom he talked the least. and that's what I like to love like Jesus because you get the best out of the other and I was shocked because he became into a guitarist, he became someone who played percussion with me, actually at Back2Back events I play with me I could see the great talent that he has for drawing, for art. Then, and everyone began to know who he was. And that's what I love about it to love like Jesus would Because that makes the spot light now be on him. in a good way, in which I no longer fall in a lie of what people believe that he was, as someone serious, someone apart someone like that there was no point talking to him but now someone who even the teacher he said, hey ya keep quiet Because he had already become someone very talkative a friend there in the living room. That for me is my greatest example. Thanks Juan for sharing with us. This is a good example of how how to love like Jesus I feel very grateful to you for sharing with us. God bless you much.

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